The Christmas City the the north Parade has been an yearly holiday legacy in Duluth since around 1960. It functions marching bands, dance performances, colorful floats and also an appearance by Santa Claus. The parade utilizes 13 block of exceptional Street, from 9th Avenue east to 4th Avenue West.

The parade is broadcast live on KBJR-TV channel 6.1 and also online at

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Parade units will begin lining up in ~ 4 p.m. Follow me London Road between 10th and 14th avenues east, and buses will certainly be staging top top the upper side that London road from 14th to 17th avenues east.

The parade will relocate from the set-up area ~ above London roadway to superior Street, where it will start at nine Avenue East. The parade will continue west on premium Street to fourth Avenue West, where parade devices will disperse. Marching bands and dance teams will departure the parade route down fourth Avenue West to buses waiting on Michigan Street. Floats will certainly dismantle in the 400 block the West exceptional Street and exit the area on fifth Avenue West.

At 4 p.m. London road will nearby to auto traffic from 10th to 14th opportunities east for parade lineup. Part of 12th and also 13th opportunities east and also the 1300 block of Jefferson Street will certainly close because that parade lineup.

Superior Street native 12th Avenue east to 5th Avenue West will close to car traffic in ~ 5:45 p.m. Michigan Street will certainly close in ~ 6:15 p.m. Come traffic, other than for buses and also local residents. Accessibility to Michigan Street parking ramps will be allowed, however could be limited, ~ 6:15 p.m. Vehicles exiting Michigan Street lots and ramps during the closures will be directed to exit the area by driving southern to the 5th Avenue West Off-Ramp.

Motorists must be mindful of no-parking areas in Downtown Duluth and along London Road. Parking violators will certainly be tagged and also towed. There will certainly be no parking ~ 10 a.m at pick meters in prior of Pickwick Restaurant and no parking after ~ noon at meter on the upper side of remarkable Street close to Fitger’s.

There will certainly be no parking after ~ 3 p.m. On both political parties of London road from 10th come 14th avenues east, the upper side that London road from 14th come 17th opportunities east, 12th and 13th avenues east indigenous London road to premium Street, Jefferson Street indigenous 13th to 14th opportunities east, and the rose Garden parking lot.

There will certainly be no parking ~ 4 p.m. On Michigan Street from 5th to Fourth avenues west.

There will certainly be no parking ~ 5 p.m. On premium Street from 10th Avenue eastern to 5th Avenue West.

DTA buses will certainly use very first Street because that westbound routes and second Street because that eastbound routes.

Jefferson heat Buses will be enabled to access the Duluth Transportation facility on Michigan Street come load and unload passengers.

Eastbound premium Street traffic will it is in detoured at 6th Avenue West come eastbound second Street. Westbound remarkable Street website traffic will it is in detoured native London roadway at 14th avenue East and from superior Street in ~ 12th Avenue eastern to westbound first Street. Tenth Avenue east will close to traffic from first Street to premium Street.

Lake Avenue will close between first Street and also the I-35 ramps on the Lake avenue viaduct. Every I-35 ramps at Lake avenue will remain open during the parade, yet will only be obtainable from the Canal Park side.

Access come Canal Park, Park allude and the DECC will certainly be via southbound fifth Avenue West to railroad Street. Every I-35 ramps at fifth Avenue West will continue to be open.

Free parking is accessible downtown after 5 p.m. In ramps at fourth Avenue Auto Park, Duluth transport Center, Fitger’s Brewery Complex, Duluth technology Village, clinical District Ramp, Phoenix Parking Lot, St. Luke’s Hospital Ramp, St. Luke’s Employee Parking Lot, Civic facility Ramp and US bank ramp. Car must departure the ramps before midnight to protect against a fee.

Parking meters will be cost-free of fee after 5:30 p.m.

Drivers room urged to usage caution in the area the this event. Downtown traffic need to return to regular by about 8:30 p.m.

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For more information contact Greater Downtown Council chairman Kristi Stokes in ~ 218-727-8549.