The job is a details Plan Amendment, significant Use Permit, and also Open an are Vacation in order to construct and also operate a church facility on 9.1 acres. The task would construct five buildings in 2 phases totaling 89,234 SF the usable space. The structures would consist of a sanctuary/administration structure (43,500 SF), education building (12,934 SF), meeting structure (5,932 SF), fellowship hall (13,812 SF) and learning facility (13,056 SF). Parking would be detailed for 417 vehicles, including 406 traditional spaces and also 11 handicap-accessible spaces. Project facilities would run from 8 am to 10 PM 7 days a week. Ongoing tasks during the week would certainly consist mostly of bureaucratic activities, pastoral services, entertain fellowship, scriptures study, and also the procedure of a bookstore and also café to offer church members. Accessibility to the site would be along a personal easement connecting to 4 Gee Road. The task is located along the east side of four Gee Road, north of Camino Del Norte, in the san Dieguito Community setup Area, in ~ the unincorporated area of mountain Diego County.

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Board of Supervisors Hearings Information:

Board plan I-103 and the California Streets and also Highways Codes require two public hearings because that the vacation of open space. The Chinese scriptures Church project, if approved, calls for the holidays of a section of one open space easement. On might 1, 2019, the board of Supervisors (Board) was asked to collection a future publicly hearing to think about the vacation of the open room easement and also the in its entirety project. 

Open an are Easement Exhibit

The may 1, 2019 hear is taken into consideration an administrative activity to only set a future hear date. The in its entirety project will be discussed at a future plank of Supervisors hearing. If girlfriend have any type of questions, please contact David Sibbet at the call information above.

Please click right here to find the plank of Supervisors Agenda for any kind of future hearings.

The applicant has reduced the elevation of the structures and also the number and also times the the special occasions following the to plan Commission hearing and public testimony ~ above November 16, 2018. Please describe the links below to uncover the applicable amendment documents.

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revised Plot plan

modification Special events Schedule


Planning Commission listening Information:

CEQA and also Environmental result are found in the applicable attachments of the employee Report.


DRAFT last SUPPLEMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL affect REPORT Click here for the draft Supplemental Environmental impact Report


*Compiled Draft final SEIR (Clean)

*Compiled Draft final SEIR (Strikeout-Underline)

*Cover Sheet

*Table the Contents


*CHAPTER 1.0 job Description, Location, and Environmental Setting

CHAPTER 2.0 significant Environmental effects of the proposed Project

*2.1 Aesthetics *2.2 biological Resources 2.3 social Resources 2.4 risks - Fire Safety and Hazardous chemistry *2.5 Noise

*CHAPTER 3.0 environmental Effects uncovered Not to be Significant

chapter 4.0 task Alternatives

thing 5.0 list of References

chapter 6.0 perform of Preparers

*CHAPTER 7.0 perform of Mitigation Measures and also Environmental architecture Considerations

Comments and Responses come Comments

*List the Commenters and also General Responses

*Compiled solution to Comments

Federal Agencies N/A

State Agencies N/A

County, City, and also Other regional Agencies A-1 City of san Diego

Organizations O-1 coast Law Group, LLP O-2 endangered Habitats league O-3 san Diego County historical Society, Inc. O-4 4S Santa Fe sink Mega job Abatement Coalition O-5 Gerald I. Kent letter and also Powerpoint because that 4S Santa Fe valley Mega job Abatement Coalition *O-6 san Dieguito plan Group

Individuals I-1 Robert and Patty Anders I-2 Jason Hightower I-3 Shamim, Habib, and also Jasmin Husain I-4 Arne Johanson I-5 Bruno Leone


A Notice that Preparation and Responses to an alert of Preparation
*B *Traffic affect Study v Appendices
C Visual Resources affect Report
D Photometric Study
E Biological Letter Report
F Cultural resources Study
G Historical sources Technical Report
H Fire defense Plan
I Phase 1 eco-friendly Site Assessment
J Acoustical analysis Report
K Air top quality Assessment
L Global Climate change Analysis
M CEQA Drainage Study
N Priority development Project (PDP) SWQMP
O Land use & planning Analysis
P Service Letters

details Plan

website Plan

Informational Signage Plan

Climate action Plan (CAP) Checklist

Traffic regulate Plan

breeze SUPPLEMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL affect REPORT publicly Review duration (August 24, 2017 - October 9, 2017)