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I favor this place. Never ever had any kind of of the over mentioned difficulties except part waiters not so great with English. However I met the owner and also his family and also enjoy coming here.

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Sort of choose the Gilded age, whatever looked good on the outside, but was chaos ~ above the inside. This looked to it is in a good dining experience, yet when i tried the food, it was really soggy and just drenched in oil. The bathroom to be a mess and also our server was severely lacking. Will certainly not be going back

Yvonne K.

I visited this place for the an initial time becasue that the crab on the menu. Thy had actually crab... Snow crab. It was sooo overcooked the you might not obtain it the end of the shell. The only decent crab in the ar was the cold crab on the appetizer table. They obviously did not gain a possibility to cook this to death. The remainder of the food was simply mediocre. No more trips there because that me. Store trying folks... This is no it.

If you"re craving some Chinese food in cool Prairie, climate you"ve involved the right place! China Sea Buffet is known for being superb Chinese restaurant. They sell multiple various other cuisines including Chinese, Seafood, and also Asian.

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There room other surrounding neighborhoods that China Sea Buffet in 75050 serves alongside Grand Prairie, and they include places like an excellent Southwest Crossing, Brookfield, and also Grand Prairie Estates. If you want to watch a complete list of all Chinese restaurants in cool Prairie, we have actually you covered!

Looking for various other top Chinese restaurants in grand Prairie? much more popular locations to shot are golden Gate Chinese Restaurant, Hunan Moon, or transport Chicken & Seafood. If friend don"t mind travel a bit, we can also recommend more an excellent places to eat Chinese food in surrounding cities. Just offer Kim Chicken & Seafood Restaurant in Haltom City, Dan"s Seafood & Chicken in Lancaster or Los Albertos in Hurst a try. Make certain to come back and leave a testimonial at around what girlfriend liked and any referrals for various other users in our community!

After your meal at China Sea Buffet, don"t forget that grand Prairie has actually a ton of impressive restaurants to try. Come earlier to and also find loads of good restaurants in cool Prairie, take out restaurants in grand Prairie, or fast food restaurants in cool Prairie.

Don"t forget to tell your friends how your suffer went in ~ China Sea Buffet in cool Prairie by leaving a review here at!

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