It’s component of your line of “totally no for stoners, other than when we recognize that they are” heat of late-night Munchie Meals (fun fact: after I acquired a marketing man to basically admit it on camera, that emailed me later and also asked if I could please re-edit the video to remove it. I asked our corporate lawyer and he claimed I don’t have to). The Chick-N-Tater Melt sandwich replaces the breakfast-themed burger and also the exploding cheesy chicken top top the after-9 p.m. Lineup, and also I’d love come tell you it’s for the better. Yet will I?

First caveats an initial – i ordered the sandwich there is no bacon, since I don’t really favor bacon. The didn’t occur to me at the moment that the bacon would certainly be the only flavorful element. The advertised ranch sauce to be seemingly missing (either that or invisible to tasetbuds), and the rest…well…

I’ll be positive – the sandwich, which is a breaded chicken patty and also a hash brown patty through cheese sauce and also sliced cheese ~ above a croissant bun, is hearty, filling, and also texture-wise has the right combination of grease and also heft. What the doesn’t have is a entirety lot the taste. Jack has actually a sriracha burger in other places on the menu, and also I uncovered myself wishing few of that sauce had made it onto the side.

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Now, arguably, this is not about taste so lot as pour it until it is full the huge emptiness in your gut that you imagine the bong has hollowed out. Mission accomplished there, though any type of Munchie Meal, with its political parties of two tacos, fries and curly fries, will perform that. My question, foolish together it might be, is why I’d gain something through not lot flavor that’s therefore obviously unhealthy. The tradeoff and silent cheap one renders with fast food is typically taste for artery damage. Jack’s jalapeno poppers and also I, we recognize this dance well. I chosen this sandwich far better when there was a burger on it instead of the chicken patty.

Part of the continuous promotion is a “Muchie Peel” thing where you can peel turn off stickers and possibly victory prizes instantly. I did no win, yet you have actually till the finish of the week to shot it out. If you can take the heat, though, I’d introduce the Hella-peno burgess instead.

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If you do pick this one, however, and if you prefer bacon ns concede it is more than likely a much better deal, beware of it squirting top top you as if it were a non-stoned teenage boy. The warm cheese can surprise. I wish that hadn’t surprised me by being together tasteless together it was, but I do like my spice.


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