You can collection up the password manager for thousands of websites and also services, including come autofill and also autologin to them native both your computer & mobile phone. It is a good way of dealing with all the complexities that the web. In addition, friend can include the Authenticator format of multi-factor authentication rather easily too from within her password manager. In fact, we can also autofill & autologin both your password credentials and also the Authenticator codes together well!!

Free Password Manager for an individual Use

The because that password manager is totally free for an individual use and also can be offered on multiple gadgets as well.

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Multiple Devices password manager can be sustained on multiple devices including tablets favor the iPad. You have the right to have all your password managers on 2 or more devices. Friend can additionally control your multiple gadgets with an equipment management. The ability to carry out a far wipe is very handy particularly if you have it on more than 2 devices. You can remotely remove your native a discarded or even (heaven forbid) a steal device. Access to her is constantly protected through biometrics favor Touch i would or her customizable PIN.

Automatic Sync

If you have on many devices, your details will be immediately synced across them to remove the pain of many entries top top all your devices.

Backup & Restore

You can develop backups through establishing Recovery and after that restore your This come in rather handy particularly if you adjust or shed devices. The eliminates the ache of keeping notes and backup codes and also then reestablishing them.

Change screen Name

You can readjust the screen name of her password manager from in ~ the password manager details.





Custom Layout

You can alter the order of all her Authenticator(s) and also the also all the part by clicking the edit icon in the top left edge of your app.


Erase Services

You can delete your personal services and also data consisting of your password manager(s) through going come the Erase my Data section under settings in your app.

Enterprise Password Manager

The companies password manager deserve to be provided in the that company environment. The is available on a freemium communication (pricing detailed here). In enhancement to providing enterprise-grade password management, enables corporations come secure accessibility to websites, services and accounts v multi-factor authentication. The companies password manager also comes v a number of convenient functions that include sharing access to teams (or third parties even) without ever sharing passwords. This even has websites and also services the the Authenticator (TOTP) has actually been included to in addition to the username/password.

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Two-factor authentication for enterprises is accessible in a variety of formats including the mobile app, difficult tokens and also USB tokens that assistance the HOTP and TOTP standards, and also FIDO U2F tokens that also include Yubico's YubiKey.

The password manager comes v a number of features:

Autofill & Autologin on your computer system with the browser extension from the internet portalAutofill & Autologin on your computer with the web browser extension native the SSO ClientAutofill & Autologin in ~ the cell phone appSecure her passwords with two-factor authentication & add the Authenticator come it where possibleCan be coupled through the Authenticator because that Autofill & Autologin ~ above both the mobile & computerAbility come customize the display Name of her Password ManagerMultifactor Authentication SupportYou can clone/sync her password manager onto multiple devicesAbility come remotely delete various other devicesBackup and also Restore capability in instance you shed your deviceBackup and Restore capability turned off permanentlyAdvanced recovery capabilities v mobile phone call number verification and also custom recovery set up (Bring Your very own Question and also Answer - BYOQ & A)Enterprise password managementSharing of access with teams without share of passwords & Authenticator codesSharing of access with teams without sharing of passwordsEnterprise password administration with Multi-Factor Authentication loginEnterprise password monitoring support with FIDO U2F supportYubico's YubiKey experiment & verifiedEnterprise password monitoring with tough Token (both HOTP/TOTP)Secure solitary Sign ~ above (SSO)More 보다 8000 predefined websites and services & an ext added everydayLogos for many of the famous websitesCopy/Paste capabilities with auto copy for outside browsersTouch i would supportScrambled Keypad support (to protect against shoulder surfing)Pattern Unlock (both clearly shows & invisible) assistance on Android devicesAbility to readjust PIN lengthMain food selection that you have the right to customizeNever needing to remember passwords.........& lot much more