Nev and Kamie assist reality TV star Michael sift with Julia"s red flags prior to he uproots his life come be with her.

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Jason, who is breakable after a divorce, starts message with and sending money come Mar, yet becomes suspicious once a woman answers Mar"s phone.

Despite countless warning signs, will refuses to listen to reason when it comes to Cherry, a Thai cosplayer he met online, for this reason Nev and also Kamie aid him dissect his international situationship.

Tam drops hard because that Jamena top top a date app, but soon suspects that her online girlfriend isn"t who she says she is, for this reason she call on Nev and also Kamie to deal with the mystery.

Samantha contacts Nev and also Kamie hope they can assist her fiance, Paul, acquire answers and also move previous his first love, Caitea, a woman he met 10 years back on Xbox.

After having actually a two-year long-distance relationship with other adult movie performer Stefany, Tyler contacts Nev and Kamie to find out whether his digital girlfriend is that she cases to be.
After three years in a rocky relationship with Chris, Courtney is prepared to find out why Chris never wants to video chat, for this reason she phone call on Nev and Kamie come coax her digital beau the end of hiding.
Imari reaches out to Nev and Kamie to discover out whether her digital musical mentor is the real Dee Pimpin, a rapper who also happens to have actually been previously exposed as a catfish.
After a common friend brings them together, Bryn is figured out to figure out why Stephanie only ever before calls him from a clogged number and also see if their love is real.
Apryl has actually been receiving drawings of her self from Daryl for four years, and also now that her feelings because that him space growing, she desires to ultimately meet this mysterious artist.
Nev and Kamie aid Michael track down the mysterious Dustin, who began texting him the end of nowhere -- and despite standing Michael up five times, Dustin keeps popping back into his life.
Jeremiah bonded v Linda over your shared confidence after meeting on a dating app, however her restricted online presence and refusal to video clip chat reason him to concern that he"s being manipulated.
Paula is a beautiful girl who snatched increase Aaliyah"s heart, yet when she mysteriously vanishes from the internet, Aaliyah goes come the Catfish crew because that answers.
After year of talking with no video clip chats, Nyhjee questions Cianna"s identification when he it s okay stood up while trying come visit her, leave Nev and Kamie with few clues to track she down.
Nev and Kamie serve as mediators in between Aaron and also his fiancé after ~ the truth about Aaron"s virtual crush Treyvon bubbles to the surface.
Alexis has remained in a five-year online connection with Jaymes, who is right now transitioning, yet her friend Emilee is suspicious the the two have never met or spoken on the phone.
Texas dad Deonn has actually doubts around his digital girlfriend, Lanise, however when Nev and Kamie begin tracking down clues, they suspect Deonn"s past might be coming back to haunt him.
Zark is a version who turns to Nev and also Kamie because that answers as soon as he can"t crack the code of his mystery Tinder match, Roger, who claims to it is in a federal government contractor and has cancer.
Nev and Kamie assist Brittany untangle the truth around Mark, who they doubt is no only associated to one old fire of Brittany"s however could be affiliated in something far more sinister.
After 13 year of talking on Snapchat, Dey is all set to fulfill the love of she life Cody, however when Nev and also Kamie spot part red flags, Dey reveals a mystery that could readjust everything.
Kailan met Jordan in an digital chatroom once she was simply a preteen, and after two ghostings and also dozens the rejected phone calls, she turns to Nev and Kamie to discover the answers she needs.
After a tumultuous search led them to a woman called Tahj, Kailan and her net friend Jordan fulfill face-to-face to make feeling of all the weird connections.
Nev and also Kamie kick turn off an worldwide night that intrigue once Catfish: The TV display returns with new episodes, followed by the collection premiere that Catfish UK: The TV display on January 5.
Fist pump in the new year v a brand-new season the Jersey Shore family Vacation, kicking off on January 6 in ~ 8/7c.
You never understand who will display up when the worlds of Teen mommy 2 and Teen mother OG collide on teenager Mom family members Reunion, premiering Tuesday, January 11 in ~ 8/7c.
Spend one especially night through two greats together they do stripped-down versions of their favorite duets on Unplugged Presents: Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, premiering December 16.

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See the mothers of Teen mother OG and also Teen mother 2 in a whole new light in an epos adventure with teenager Mom household Reunion ~ above January 11.