Castlevania: The Adundertaking ReBirth

Also recognized as: Dracula Densetsu ReBirth (JP)Developer: M2Publisher: KonamiPlatform: WiiWareReleased in JP: October 27, 2009Released in US: December 28, 2009Released in EU: February 26, 2010

This game has actually unprovided areas.

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Castlevania: The Adundertaking ReBirth is a dramatically reimagined variation of the original Castlevania: The Adundertaking for the Game Boy.

Test Maps

Four test maps have been located within the WiiWare WADVERTISEMENT file.


Testmap appears to be that of an easy, well, test map, with basic functions such as platforms, power ups, and also a couple of opponents and also collisions. Also, take note of the word "TEST" in the background.


Testmap2 appears to be an opponent testing area. Tright here is not a lot to note other than for the doors and also power ups discovered before the barrage of opponents past it.

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Testmap3 is a really standard test map. From what deserve to be gathered, it may extremely well be a hardware lag test with overlapping tiles and also some opponents spawned on-display screen. Other than that, the room feels spacious, but tbelow is not a lot else to mention.


St3_trap7_dummy is an unprovided and also incredibly damaged map. It may have actually been an early candidate for among Stage 3"s trap rooms, most likely its functioning and unbroken counterpart, st3_trap7.

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