GenreComedy, Drama, RomanceScreenplayJon KasdanWriterJon KasdanLanguageEnglish

Dave Hodgman (Dylan O"Brien) is a high school an elderly who spends many of his time pining away over Jane Harmon (Victoria Justice), a girl the can"t have. Aubrey miller (Britt Robertson), a small at a different high school, has actually an older friend Ronny (James Frecheville) that doesn"t quite know her or seem to care. A casual conversation between Dave and also Aubrey sparks an instant connection, and, end the food of a weekend, things turn magical, romantic, complicated, and funny as Aubrey and also Dave find what it"s prefer to fall in love because that the first time.

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Dave is in a earlier alley at a house party, rehearsing a confession that love because that a girl named Jane once he"s surprised through Aubrey. They talk, and also when he techniques the decided to get her opinion, she is not impressed. She refuses to dance v him, explaining that public screens of affection (PDA) space distasteful. She at some point starts come dance once the police raid that the loud party. She invites him right into her house, noting that she has actually a boyfriend, and also takes him to she bedroom. Castle share some wine and a systematic conversation. Aubrey asks the if he"s ever had sex, and Dave admits he hasn"t, however she refuses to answer the exact same question. They talk while laying side by side on the floor and also both loss asleep. Once Aubrey"s mother knocks on the door, in the morning, Dave escapes v the window but spills wine on the rug.


Dave meets v his friend Simon and big Corporation, informing them around Aubrey. They suggest that declare to have a boyfriend could be a strategic lie and also suggest contacting her. Dave calls her house, recording Aubrey as her parents space berating her around the alcohol on the rug. She tells Dave she"s going come the movies through her friend Ronny, and Dave decides to walk too.


Jane and her friends occur to be at the theatre. Aubrey persuades Ronny to walk to the same movie as Dave and also Jane. Aubrey go out during the film, and Dave follows her. In the lobby she apologizes for being weird on the phone and having that jump turn off the roof. Dave it s okay her mobile number and invites her and also Ronny come Jane"s friend"s home afterwards.


At the friend"s house, Aubrey and Jane talk about Dave. Jane has actually high worship for Dave, but clearly takes him because that granted while complaining around all the awful males she"s to be with. Aubrey appears to be around to suggest she take into consideration Dave, yet stops and also pretends to have actually forgotten what she was around to say.


Ronny brags come Dave that he and Aubrey space planning to have sex that night in his van. Dave finds Aubrey and tells her no to have sex through Ronny, that her very first time shouldn"t be through a guy like him. Aubrey denounces the romantic concept of the very first time gift so important, and tells that it"s none of his business. Things take a flirtatious turn but Ronny appears, telling Aubrey they have to go. Dave intervenes, leading to a confrontation prior to Simon and big Corporation intervene. Aubrey leaves through Ronny.

Dave end up in a bedroom through Jane, wherein she fifty percent flirts with him before beginning to complain around her latest sex-related misadventures. Jane notes that something weird is going on with Dave. He realizes he"d quite be v Aubrey and leaves. On his means home, he it s okay a message from Aubrey asking him to choose her up. They drive around, she speak him the she"s simply dumped Ronny, and they slowly reveal and also discover their feelings because that each other.

They speak on the phone the next day and also meet in ~ a park. Aubrey invites Dave over that night, discovering that she parents will certainly not be home. Dave struggles with himself before deciding come not carry a condom. The night they do out, then hesitate prior to deciding to have sex. Afterwards, both that them room upset. The hasn"t unable to do well, and they don"t know just how to talk about it. Everything they say appears to make it worse, and also they decision it was all a mistake and also they must not watch each other.

The following day, Aubrey keeps looking at her phone hoping Dave will certainly call, while Dave continuously picks up his phone come call, yet backs down. The meets with Simon and big Corporation, telling them the the idea the sex was far better than the experience. Simon tells him that no large deal, but big Corporation reminds him the they invest every weekend looking for someone special and it never ever happens, but this time it did. He says Dave and also Aubrey hit a speed bump because it was their first time, but Dave should be a man and also give it an additional try.

The next morning, Aubrey tells her parents the she uncovered a good guy and messed it up by advertise him away. She parents shot to do her feel better. Dave is waiting for she in the driveway, heralding his feelings and also wants to try again. She leader him to believe she"s no interested, but asks because that a ride come school. In the car, she expresses she desire to be together and a should work ~ above the sex, i beg your pardon he happily agrees to. He drops she off and also they to speak goodbye awkwardly, yet she runs back to him, breaking she no PDA ascendancy with a warm, passionate kiss in former of the other students.

Britt Robertson"s function in the Movie

Britt Robertson"s depicted the role of a teenaged girl Aubrey Miller. Aubrey is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves come live she life free. She trust in love and also has a boyfriend named Ronny, who is lot older 보다 her. Despite in a relationship, Aubrey says she isn"t happy in life. Moreover, her friend seems choose he doesn"t quite know her or doesn"t in reality care. She is an old school romantic and believes in a vintage method of love. Recognize love and fixing dates on Facebook and Twitter isn"t she cup the tea. She desires a romance to brew in between her and also her Mr. Perfect in a place like a bar with love at first sight. Britt"s function in the film shows her together a fun-loving human being with a deep soul. She talks around true love and also sunrises in the film through Dave the male lead in the film.
she meets Dave randomly in ~ a party and end up spending time together.In the very an initial scene of the movie, Aubrey is seen unconvinced of sharing a dance with Dave ~ above the street as she doesn"t believe in public display of affection (PDA) but the movie ends with Aubrey sharing a passionate kiss v Dave in former of the entire school. The film reflects Aubrey"s journey from gift a wake up lover to being a fierce lover. Personally from she love life, Aubrey"s equation v her parental throughout the movie is rather expressive and entertaining. She does no shy away from talking around her love life to she parents.On the other hand, she also behaves favor a responsible yet frank kid once her parental berate she for she mistakes. Aubery is additionally jealous that Jane.In short, Britt"s personality in the film is that of a teenager who is confused, a die-hard romantic yet strong girl !.
Dylan O"Brien shown the role of a high school teenager, Dave Hodgman in the film, The very first Time. The is seen as a shy young man who is in love through a woman named Jane. The surely loves Jane and wants she to be his girlfriend however deep under inside the is also aware of the reality that woman is actually out of his reach. Despite he loves she he is no confident sufficient to share his feelings v her and hence to write it down on a item of paper and rehearses prior to he musters increase the courage come confess his love in former of Jane. He meets his junior Aubrey while reciting his lines of confession and also share a little chat with her. He also reads the end the confession note to her but Aubrey isn"t lot impressed through the note. The asks she for a run to i m sorry Aubrey denies and hits him and makes that feel more underconfident about himself.
Aubrey, however, invites him to her place and also they spent the night with each other having systematic talks. Dave also shares everything with his nearby friends. He additionally has a younger sisters who urges him to talk to girls confidently. Once Jane tried to get intimate with him at a friend"s place, Dave realizes his feelings because that Aubrey and also walks out. He finally meets her and confesses his feelings to she without hesitation and they both re-superstructure a passionate kiss. However with this doesn"t finish Dave"s self-questioning ~ above his capability as once he and Aubrey try to have actually sex because that the first time things don"t rotate out an excellent and that again loses his confidence. However he ultimately decides to provide it another shot and lock both decision to stay together.
Joshua Malina"s portrays the function of Aubrey"s (Britt Robertson) father in the film. He is seen as a friendly, funny and also caring dad in the film. The is seen supporting her daughter throughout. Right from enabling her to walk for a movie after her mother offers her an earful because that drinking and also spilling wine in she bedroom there is no their expertise to supporting her once she shares about keeping far the "right guy" from her, Aubrey"s dad offered her one unshakable support.
The first Time is a romantic comedy movie for teens who prefer over talking movies ! the town hall the film requirements a many attention and patience as it is over-loaded through dialogues. The depicts the story the two teenagers Dave and Aubrey, who accomplish randomly at a party and end up spending time together. Both have actually their own separate love story going on. One under-confident Dave is practicing his confession that love for Jane if Aubrey has a boyfriend who is lot older than her but apparently isn"t compatible for her. But she is certainly backed through her way yet cool and funny parents.
Britt and Danny together actors have actually done a good job! They lug the significance of teenage ignorance, innocence, and also bewilderment on the display screen beautifully. Manager Kasdan too has done phenomenal work. He has brilliantly managed to carry humor, wit and also the significance of an metropolitan fairytale romantic in the film. The sidekicks in the film incorporated by the supporting cast of Victoria Justice, Craig Roberts, Joshua Malina, James Frechiville amongst others also deserve praise for sure. Moreover, the music that the movie is both impressive and also ignored at times. Ideal from the gripping and also complementing background score come the melodious songs in in between the film, the music dram a an essential part in the film.
The story that the film moves slowly and steadily! So lot that you will finish up fast-forwarding the scene one ~ the other. The movie is also quite predictable. The audience is much aware of the reality that the man will definitely get the girl in the end. However how the movie unfolds v every step woven v utmost grace and grip by Kasdan is commendable.

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And below comes the answer to "Why is the film title "The first Time""! It"s due to the fact that Dave and Aubrey room virgin and they haven"t had sex anytime in their lives! So, they decide to have actually it v each other but it end up in a mess-making both the them feel embarrassed and they decision to component ways!
Will Dave and Aubrey get over your "not-so-good" an initial time and also decide to give it one more chance? That"s the story all about!


Halston Sage together BriannaAdam Sevani as Wurtzheimer guyMolly C. Quinn as Erica #1Christine Quynh Nguyen as Erika #2Matthew Fahey as Brendan Meltzer


Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes offers the film a 45% rating based upon 17 reviews and an average rating that 5.6/10. Metacritic provides the film a score that 55 the end of 100, based upon 10 critics, indicating "mixed or median reviews." amongst the an adverse reviews, note Olsen that the Los Angeles time wrote, "There is much to choose here, a sense of nuance and also nonjudgmental emotionally openness, however Kasdan"s teenage miniaturism never ever quite blooms," whilst Joshua Rothkopf the Time Out brand-new York said "Writer-director Jonathan Kasdan can"t even bother to fulfill the buildup through a real minute of consummation (welcome come the fade come black) or believable postcoital complications." Todd McCarthy that The Hollywood Reporter was likewise unimpressed, remarking "Despite intermittent laughs and also charm, The first Time feel slight and also pretty simple by the end, with no edge or compelling insights..."

However, brand-new York Times movie critic Neil Genzlinger wrote a hopeful review, stating the "The perform of temptations a filmmaker can autumn into when making a movie about high school students and virginity is fairly long, but Jonathan Kasdan stays clear of most of castle in his sweet, low-key comedy “The very first Time.” No gratuitous raunchiness here and only a couple of tired caricatures in a genre generally jammed with them." and Daniel Fienberg the HitFlix enthused, ""The very first Time" doesn"t look or feel choose a Sundance competition entry, yet if girlfriend overlook it because of that tv pedigree, you"ll miss out on out top top an successfully sweet, frequently clever providing buoyed by an attractive team of stars..."


The first Time was released in a restricted release ~ above October 19, 2012, and grossed just $22,836. It was released ~ above DVD and digital download on march 12, 2013.