A guide that provides (somewhat) an extensive explanations as to obtain the easiest method of stealth success in this little and tightly packed map.

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Guide to vehicle Shop Stealth


While this map has actually no preplanning in the lobby, that is an excellent to have actually a setup nonetheless prior to you break in to together place. Shot and discover the straightforward layouts the the map prior to you effort to stealth that in death Sentence difficulty. This is ironically the only means to effectively stealth any map in Payday 2 as blindly diving right into the maximum challenge in heists will constantly get girlfriend shot to death and restarting.

That point aside, you re welcome follow the indict stated below if you space willing to use this overview to it’s maximum extent.

Go to the left side of the Teuer Automotives building and look at the 2nd floor. There must be a couple of doors and the one furthermore in come the hall have to either be open or locked through a keypad and also have “Storage” written on optimal of it.

Unlock the strength box by the vehicle gates and also rewire that to open it regardless of the warehouse room gift upstairs or not.

Image that the upstairs warehouse room indigenous outside:


If you find the warehouse room, this way the tricks to the Lamborghinis (Falcoginis) will be upstairs ~ above that specific room.

If you execute not see the labelled room yet rather one unlocked door there is no labels, this means the storage room is downstairs right after you walk past the stairs going up and take a left ~ above the ground floor.

Image the the below storage room in casing mode:


Phase 1 that Infiltration

You’ve successfully located the storage room. Now let’s move on to in reality breaking in. The best way to carry out this in my personal experience is to take the fire exit staircase that is come the back of the within of the building and also to the right. The is a steel door the takes over 7 secs to pick, however if friend time the security patrol routes right, friend won’t have actually problems.

There frequently is a titan camera over there though, so you will need an ECM jammer or the camera loop perk at the really least.

Location that the downstairs fire leave door:


After gaining access to the fire exit, acknowledge the truth that guards will start using that irregularly once you lockpick the glass window door going come the second floor.

Make sure you pick the rooftop accessibility door and it is basic bodybag warehouse area without any risk of detection.

Alternatively, you have the right to return to the powered vehicle gate you unlocked in the preplanning ar of this guide and also enter v there, go to the earlier of the building and also go come the roof because that a more secure entry.

Now come the difficult task the locating the manager. He can be in multiple locations.

In the public office area diagonally to the appropriate from the 2nd floor fire exit door.In the meeting room next to the publicly office.Speaking come the according to husband and also wife beside the meeting room (by the water pump, in public.)In the private office next to the really stairs the take friend upstairs (not the fire exit).Sitting with an NPC by the second floor fire departure door.Idling in the room next to the upstairs storage room door (it doesn’t need to be a warehouse room for this one to be a generate location)Can rarely be checked out walking come a details spot stated over if the heisters are fast in infiltration.

Physical appearance of the manager:


Phase 2 of Infiltration

You have actually located the manager and any NPCs that may be near him, good job!

Now comes the delicate component of in reality obtaining the GENSEC keycard native the manager. My finest suggestion would certainly be come shoot him and also NPCs close to the manager, bag them up and stash castle in the rooftop/under the office cubicle straight facing the conference room. If you have to wait till some NPCs/guards go off, execute so.

Office cubicle that is ideal to hide bodies under it:


After obtaining the keycard, discover the manager’s office. It will certainly be in the second floor imbetween the kitchen and also the personal office. Get in the office, walk inwards, rotate around and read the whiteboard. Form the person’s name to the chat even if you space doing this alone.

The manager’s office:


Whiteboard example:


“Donald Alexander” because that example. Now, take the surname you’ve found and pay a visit to the offices in the building to hack the computer system belonging to the surname you’ve found. It will certainly take a minute or so. When the hacking happens, exit the automotive gallery and return come the heist van/anywhere for sure outside and wait the hacking come finish.

Upstairs windy office, correct worker’s cubicle in my own run:


You will certainly now gain the prompt to grab part C4 explosives indigenous the van and place them come the traffic-restricted area. Make certain no guards and civilians are nearby, then begin planting.

C4 prompt:


After your planting is done, placed down an ECM jammer if you have actually it and also make your means back one of two people by to run in the former doors or through sneaking earlier in. The ECM jammer is come avoid any type of detection by C4s yet can be purposed additionally if you simply want to run ago in.

Location of the C4 planting:


Get in come the warehouse room, open the box and also grab her ignition keys. The C4 will explode at that allude if every actual player has taken keys. Run to the front of the gallery through the Lamborghinis, unlock them and also drive them in come the tunnel opened up by the C4s.

Storage room:


You only have 2 minute in fatality Sentence. Lot of of time also if friend crash and come to a protect against two times. I’ve stress and anxiety tested this a lot and also three complete stops are simply barely sufficient to make it come the containers and also complete the heist.

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The best advices ns can provide for friend in the drive are:

Drive fast, yet watch her vehicle’s understeering in sharp corners. The auto doesn’t handle like a actual life sports car and also struggles in sharp corners.Adding to above, preserve high speeds and also don’t brake as well much. The automobile may not be superb in ~ steering, but it isn’t rubbish either.Do not try action movie maneuvers. You will certainly hit miscellaneous on the road and come come a full stop. Merely drive carefully and in high speeds.Do no fly in come the container you’re supposed to park. Drop under your speed and also enter the steadily.

My finish time in regular difficulty: