If the inkjet nozzles ~ above your press clog, and cleaning / deep clean doesn't resolve the issue, you might need come reseat (remove then reinsert) the publish head.PRO-100 photos are used in this article, but the very same steps use tothe PRO-10.

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Remove the print head

To eliminate the print head, monitor the measures below.Turn the printer ON, thenopen the paper output tray and thetop cover. The publish head holdermoves come the instead of position.


Don't try to organize or forcibly movethe publish head holder. Wait till itcompletely stops .

For the PRO-10, press and also releaseRESUME / CANCELafter girlfriend openthe height cover.This move the publish head holder come the instead of position.

When the publish head holder stops, push the tab (A) top top the prior ofoneink tank. Elevator thetank and remove it from the printer. Remove allremaining tanks, one in ~ a time.

Handle the squid tanks carefullyso friend don't stain your garments or the bordering area.


After friend removethe octopus tanks, lift the publish head lock lever.


Tilt the print head forward and also lift it out of the holder.


Reinsert the print head

Follow the over steps in reverse order to seat the publish head.

Insert the print head and close the lock lever.

Insert an squid tank and push the tab back down. Perform this for each tank.

Close the height cover and also the paper output tray.

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If her product concern was not resolved after complying with the steps above, or if you require additional help, please develop or log in to her Canon Account to check out your technical tastecraftedmcd.com options.