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* is cursed to accuracy.
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* rank of the basic Stat of the Raptor vs. All other creatures. (Rank #1 in health = highest wellness creature.)

So once I was going to tame a raptor with my dodo, (Rexy) and I was not expecting a whole PACK of RAPTORS come come and also attack me, ns took my axe and started to assault them v it, (I was new at the time) i was fighting with my dodo and she died to the alpha, I finally knocked one out. It to be a beautiful teal color so I put some meat in it and also I soon passed away to a red one, I called him Charzard and I do a grave for my dodo, 1 like= 1 respect for rexy

Here is a easy way to tame this creature

1. Obtain a few bolas (just in instance you miss or a yes a pack)

2. Gain meat

3. Find and bola raptor

4. Knock out with club/fists

5. Placed meat in inventory

Boom! now you have actually a raptor!

(Up if helpful)

When i was a newbie i obtained my very first raptor and also decided to go to swamp since i wanna explore the map, I"m newbie the time, i didn"t know that there"s so countless titanoboa and also sarco in that swamp us were simply walking in the water as soon as there"s a sudden assault from a titano, we operation fast and also thought that we lost them yet then a sarco came in prior of my challenge i shot to run however my raptor acquired bitten by titanoboa numerous time and fell unconscious ns ran as rapid as i might leaving the behind, i try to look ago but i witnessed that there"s so many following me, i made decision to fight back since my raptor passed away without having actually a chance to fight, i used my steel spear climate stab those fkin sarco and titanoboa in the head and also their confront I"ve make it earlier in my base safe

1 favor = 1 Respect for my raptor

I was just wondering why raptors don’t have actually pack leaders as soon as you tame them they always spawn in packs of 4, the dire wolfs have pack leaders so why nothing raptors i think this have to be a point

Step 1= Bola raptor or climb on high rock

Step 2= Tranq the end (recommend tranq arrows etc)

Step 3= make sure not other baddies in area

Step 4= wait because that the hunger to go about half way down

Step 5= ~ waiting provide raw meat,mutton,prime,kibble etc

-Valt young 136-Xbox 1/Wolfa191-Geometry Dash

Oh my god. For this reason stressful. While us were taming a Tapejara, mine Baryonyx obtained stuck. Then a raptor came. I thought the raptor couldn’t fit through the gaps the the wood spike wall. But due to the fact that my Baryonyx was stuck, he couldn’t defend me. Suddenly the raptor acquired inside and killed the Tapejara and also my 3x taming boost. Ns was therefore angry. I gained my Baryonyx and brutally murdered that disgusting ugly raptor. 1 second. ~ the bloody mess, ns dimmed the lights and also sadly brang my Baryonyx to look for an ext Tapejaras.

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1 prefer = one more lvl 10 Tapejara found.

Oh my god. Therefore stressful. While we were taming a Tapejara, my Baryonyx acquired stuck. Climate a raptor came. I assumed the raptor couldn’t fit through the gaps of the wood spike wall. But due to the fact that my Baryonyx was stuck, the couldn’t safeguard me. Unexpectedly the raptor gained inside and killed the Tapejara and also my 3x taming boost. Ns was therefore angry. I obtained my Baryonyx and also brutally murdered the disgusting ugly raptor. 1 second. After the bloody mess, ns dimmed the lights and sadly brang my Baryonyx come look for an ext Tapejaras.

1 prefer = another lvl 10 Tapejara found.

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The Raptor is a well-rounded and also easy-to-tame dinosaur. That high speed and capacity to protect itself make it an extremely useful because that travel, specifically for newer survivors. When the raptor has a reduced torpor tolerance, its rate can regularly make it daunting to target.What go a Raptor eat? In ARK: survival Evolved, the Raptor eats an easy Kibble, Parasaur Kibble, raw Mutton, Raw element Meat, cook Lamb Chop, Cooked prime Meat, Raw prime Fish Meat, raw Meat, Cooked prime Fish Meat, cooked Meat, raw Fish Meat, and also Cooked Fish Meat.

Translations: رابتر, Ράπτορ, Raptori, Raptor, ראפטור, ユタラプトル, 랩터, Раптор, 迅猛龙.

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