Whenever ns hear my boss asking a colleague v the phone even if it is he or she is available to talk, his concern is " can talk?"

I feel it"s fairly annoying and something no correct, however please exactly me if I"m wrong, and also advise what the correct means to ask whether who is available to talk is?

Thanks, guys.

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In unshened conversation, it"s possible to leaving out many words and also still connect clearly. Obviously everyone knows what your boss is trying to say, so the goal is accomplished.

That said, as a indigenous speaker I discover this details shortening come be taking it as well far. It is unnatural come me come leave the end the you in Can girlfriend talk?. The sounds like the form of mistake commonly made by foreign speakers whose native language doesn"t require the you in the analogous sentence.

A much more idiomatic method of saying the same thing would be

Can you speak now?

Can we talk?

Is this a great time?

Got a minute to talk?

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