“Can You Rap Like Me?” is a braggadocios song with an older-themed beat and also circulation, reminiscent of the 2000s rap Trippie prospered up listening to. Throughout the song, Trippie tells… Read More 

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Remember, there's constantly tomorrowP. Soul on the trackAh, ayy, ah, ayy, ahCan you rap like me? HuhAh, ayy, ah, ayy, ahI gotta acquire my fresh paper, boy optimistic, inflicted the premonitionMy vision a place I visit while liftedMoolah, I obtain it, get it, the life I live my decisionThey told me to go and gain it, I gained it so now I'm winning (Remember)Rdevelopment of fury, the lean obtained my vision blurryBalling' like Stephen Curry, gold fangs in my mouth so purtyTrippie bring demolition and also I ain't talking no derbiesAbsorb your flow choose I'm Kirby, the lies you tell will certainly not hurt meTry to reach for the stars, yet world don't get as well farThey want all of the money, all the expensive carsIt's few world that ever make it however yet I still gotta go hardA lot of artists that made it are evil, hearts babsence as tar, yeahOkay, and this is for eincredibly rapper that had actually a shot at sendin' meYour efforts ain't gaining you almost everywhere in this industryLyrically, demonically, dominate your flow endlesslyMy venomous rhymes wine and dine on you mentallyEncouraged the motivations, say I acquired also a lot chemistryFatality, like Liu Kang told me to complete 'eemEven the Hulk couldn't take this a lot intensityI'm the bullet in the barrel in the gun that shot KennedyMind is racin' 'bout hating, contemplation with HaitiansJamaicans sitting on 5G5 pacing, ago and forth waiting in DaytonYou obtain the photo, don't take thisBoy, this life is real, you couldn't fake this (Remember)Throw it up, regurgitationCan't shit on me, you constipatedIs you mad 'reason we perform this on a daily basis?Yeah, or is you mad 'cause we made it?Every day faded, we out right here paper chasing

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Bitch, ah, ayy, ah, ayy, ah, ayyCan you rap like me? HuhAh, ayy, ah, ayy, ahCan you rap favor me?Haha, lil' bitch, 1400 gangYou know what the fuck going on, 1400 boys, huhYeah, Canton, Ohio shitBuh, lil' bitch, ahaSlatt, you understand what the fuck goin' onHunter's a bitchBad MiloHahahaRandom thoughts to you, bitchOn a love letter to you, bitch(Remember)