If you"re comes to this help article with the concern "Can you adjust your surname in Stardew Valley?" in mind, ns think the answer would certainly be dependent on what you"re actually asking.

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To clarify, if you space wondering even if it is Stardew Valley has a built-in feature to adjust your surname - the prize is no, that doesn"t (at the very least right now, in 2018). If you"re feather to adjust your name in Stardew Valley, yet don"t psychic doing so by an altering your save files manually, then the price is yes - the is possible!

The only record is the this just works because that Windows and also Mac - if you want to adjust your name on Nintendo Switch, XBOX One or PS4, at the minute that isn"t possible. But, if you"re looking to adjust your surname for the function of spawning in items, there are other techniques you can use to cheat items right into the video game - watch our spawning items overview instead!

First, make certain your Stardew Valley game is closed. You"re climate going to desire to navigate to wherein your save documents are stored:

On Windows, they"re situated in %AppData%, you have the right to do this by opened up an Explorer home window an typing %AppData% in the resolve bar (illustrated below).


On Mac, friend will need to visit "/Users//.config/". Friend may have actually to permit hidden records to access this folder, to do this, push COMMAND + transition + . Inside your Finder window.

You"ll then desire to navigate come the "StardewValley" folder and then walk to the "Saves" folder, this is the very same on both Mac and also Windows.

If you"re having actually trouble accessing this folders on windows or Mac, you can find much more in-depth aid for locating your Stardew valley save location at https://savelocation.net/stardew-valley.

After beginning the saves folder, enter the folder the is called after the character you want to change the name of, complied with by a bunch of numbers. In the below example, we are transforming the name of a character who is currently called "JohnDoe":


Open up the file that is named "SaveGameInfo" (with Notepad or your wanted text editor) and use CTRL + F or COMMAND + F to search for the name of her character. Friend should discover the surname of her character in in between and also choose so:


Simply change that surname to whatever name friend want and save the record and you"re done. The next time you open up up the game and also load your save, your name will certainly be changed.

If the old surname is still mirroring in the saves menu (but no in-game), friend will need to change the name of the folder the SaveGameInfo file is stored within.

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