When it comes to the rules of basketball it deserve to be really confusing, because that example, the rules of the NBA are various from the rule of the NCAA and also the rule of FIBA. Each has its distinctions in its rules that have the right to make that confusing. To include to the pickup basketball has its own collection rules depending upon what court girlfriend play. One such dominance that has actually everyone disagreeing ~ above the basketball court is if friend are enabled to capture your own air-ball…

Can girlfriend rebound your own air-ball in basketball? In the NBA you can not fag your very own airball, this would be considered a travel violation. Despite in high school, NCAA, and FIBA rule leagues you may rebound your own airball as lengthy as it to be a shoot attempt. This will be the judgment contact for the official to make. In pickup basketball most frequently the dominance may or might not enable for a player come rebound their very own airball depending on what court you space playing on. This deserve to be the reason of plenty of arguments.

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So, this dominion will be further examined, and also once and for all it will be put to rest. There will be no an ext second-guessing any type of longer, the hardest component will be to convince her competition.

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Rebounding your own Air Ball ascendancy myths

This is among the most misunderstood rule in basketball. Even on the internet where friend can find the answers to virtually everything, it’s actually wrong. The internet always wins, i guess not v this rule. Many world think the as long as it is a shot attempt or looks choose a legitimate shot effort then your exempt from a violation being called and you and also you’re free to take your own rebound. This is only fifty percent true.

Let’s take a look in ~ the most well-known leagues and also their ascendancy books and also see what they need to say.


The NBA plays by their own collection of rules, and it basically says in your rule book that no player need to attempt to rebound their own shot if it has not touch the backboard, rim, or a player. This would certainly be a violation and a turnover in possession.

Section XIII—Traveling

f. A player that attempts a field goal might not it is in the very first to touch the round if it fails to touch the backboard, basket ring or another player.

So the NBA go not enable you to rebound your own airball.



I have this wall of text and I apologize yet nowhere in the rules states you can’t rebound your very own airball. This will permit you to carry out so, but realistically nobody is thinking of absent a shot totally on function in order to acquire an benefit on their second shot to do the basket.

Much prefer high institution the rules room the exact same in fact, you are able come shoot the shooting airball it and also even the is in the air friend can record it prior to it hits the ground and it is still considered a shot attempt. This is thought about a brand-new shot possession and also you means you have the right to dribble or shoot again.

Section 6. TravelingArt. 1. A player shall no travel with the ball.

Art. 2. Travel occurs once a player stop the round moves a foot or both feetin any kind of direction in overabundance of prescribed boundaries described in this section.

Art. 3. A player who captures the ball with both feet ~ above the play court maypivot, utilizing either foot. When one foot is lifted, the other is the pivot foot.

Art. 4. A player who records the ball while moving or end a dribble might stopand establish a pivot foot as follows:a. As soon as both feet are off the playing court and the player lands:

1. At the same time on both feet, either may be the pivot foot;2. Top top one foot complied with by the other, the first foot come touch shall be thepivot foot;3. On one foot, the player might jump off the foot and simultaneously landon both, in which case neither foot can be the pivot foot.b. As soon as one foot is ~ above the play court:1. The foot shall be the pivot foot as soon as the various other foot touch in a step;2. The player may jump off that foot and simultaneously floor on both, inwhich instance neither foot deserve to then it is in the pivot foot.

Art. 5. After comes to a stop and establishing the pivot foot:a. The pivot foot may be lifted, however not went back to the play court, beforethe ball is exit on a pass or try for goal;b. The pivot foot shall no be lifted prior to the ball is exit to begin adribble.

Art. 6. After coming to a stop as soon as neither foot deserve to be the pivot foot:a. One or both feet may be lifted, however may no be returned to the playingcourt, before the round is exit on a pass or shot for goal;b. Neither foot shall it is in lifted, before the ball is released, to start a dribble.

Art. 7. The is traveling when a player drops to the play court if holding theball without keeping a pivot foot.

In university basketball, the rule allows you come airball your own missed shot.

FIBA preeminence Book

These rules room the same as every high school and also college basketball and again permit for you to retrieve your very own airball before anyone rather does.

15.1.2 The act of shooting on a shot:• starts when the player starts, in the judgement of a referee, to move the ballupwards towards the opponents’ basket.• Ends once the ball has left the player’s hand(s), or if an entirely new act ofshooting is made and, in situation of one airborne shooter, both feet have actually returned tothe floor.

15.1.3 The action of shoot in a consistent movement on cd driver to the basket or various other movingshots:• starts when the round has come to rest in the player’s hand(s), top top completionof a dribble or a record in the air and also the player starts, in the referee of thereferee, the shooting motion preceding the relax of the round for a field goal.• Ends as soon as the ball has left the player’s hand(s), or if an entirely new act ofshooting is make and, in case of one airborne shooter, both feet have actually returned tothe floor.

FIBA rule also allow you to rebound your very own missed shot.


Rebounding your very own Airball in pick up basketball

This preeminence alone is the cause of arguments, fights, and wasted time. It happens often enough that you would think that someone would get it right. But think around it’s like this. Who shoots an airball recovers their shot and also then scores. Now depending on what team you room on you will certainly either speak the basket is legitimate or isn’t legit or side v the person saying for her team’s benefit.

Players either play one means or another with this ruling however most regularly than no most have actually no idea what the actual preeminence is. Space you playing NBA rule or College rule or a mixture the both? A pickup video game is much like an NBA game if you ask me as soon as it comes to non-calls for specific rules. A pickup video game would allow for someone to deliberately shoot one airball on objective in order to success the game.

Can you Rebound your very own missed shot turn off the backboard?

Yes, In high school, FIBA and NCAA. Yet in the NBA it deserve to not be intentional unless you instantly go back to layup or dunk etc. Inspect out below.

Is that an airball if it access time the net?

In the NBA it would be one airball if it only hit the net, in all various other leagues it would certainly be legit as long as it to be a legitimate shot the was taken approved by the referee. This approval is typically a no-call.

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Are air balls turnovers?

When they do occur Air balls room in fact turnovers, they space travels in the rule book that is a violation that results in a readjust of possession come the the contrary team.