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"Encore" is a song from Jay-Z"s The black Album. It features guest vocals by john Legend, Don Crawley, GLC and Kanye West. The tune was exit by Roc-A-Fella Records and produced by West because that Konman Productions. "Encore" received much popularity in 2004 as soon as it was combined with Linkin Park"s hit single "Numb" on the mash-up album Collision Course together "Numb/Encore", which go on to success a Grammy Award.

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Thank you, thank you, give thanks to you, you"re much too kindNow can I gain an encore, do you want moreCooking raw v the Brooklyn boySo because that one last time I require y"all to roarNow what the hell are you wait forAfter me, over there shall be no moreSo for one critical time, nigga make some noiseWho you know fresher than Hov"? Riddle me thatThe remainder of y"all know where I"m lyrically atCan"t no one of y"all winter me backYeah listening me laboratory is choose hearing G. Laboratory in his primeI"m, young H.O., rap"s thankful DeadBack come take over the globe, now break breadI"m in, Boeing jets, global ExpressOut the country but the blueberry tho connectOn the low but the yacht got a triple deckBut as soon as you young, what the f*ck girlfriend expect? Yep, yepGrand opening, cool closingGod your man Hov" cracked the have the right to open againWho you goin" discover doper than him through no penJust draw off inspirationSoon friend goin" see you can"t replace himWith cheap imitations because that these generationsNow can I get an encore, do you desire moreCooking raw v the Brooklyn boySo because that one critical time I require y"all to roarWhat the hell space you wait for?Look what girlfriend made me do, look what I made for youKnew if ns paid my dues, how will they salary youWhen you first come in the game, they shot to pat youThen friend drop a couple of hits, look exactly how they wave to youFrom Marcy come Madison SquareTo the just thing that matters in simply a matter of years (yea)As fate would have it, Jay"s condition appearsTo be in ~ an all-time high, perfect time come say goodbyeWhen ns come earlier like Jordan, wearing the 4-5It ain"t come play gamings with youIt"s to aim at you, probably maim youIf i owe you I"m punch you to smithereensCocksucker take one for your teamAnd I need you to remember one thing (one thing)I came, ns saw, ns conqueredFrom record sales, to sold out concertsSo motherfucker if you desire this encoreI need you to scream, "til her lungs gain soreIt"s star timeThis male is made! He"s killing all y"all jive turkeysDo y"all want an ext of the Jigga man?Well if y"all want more of the Jigga manThen I need y"all to help me, carry him earlier to stageSay Hova, c"mon to speak it!HO-VA! HO-VA! room y"all out there? (HO-VA! HO-VA!)Are y"all out there? C"mon, louder!Yeah, now see that"s what I"m talking boutThey love you Jigga, castle love you Jigga!I prefer the way this one feelIt"s therefore motherfucking soulful man!Yeah, okaySo this here is the victory lapThen I"m leaving, that"s how you acquire me backAfter a year of lock sixteen"s, it"s one point twoAnd that"s two point four, and I"m only doing twoYou wanted to obtain attention brand-new dudesI can obtain you BET and TRL tooYou wanna be in the public, send her budgetWell f*ck it, i ain"t budging!Young did it to death, friend gotta love itRecord providers told me i couldn"t reduced itNow look in ~ me, every star-studdedGolfer over par favor I puttedAll cause the shit i uttered, was utterly ridiculousHow sick is this?You desire to bang, send Kanye change, send simply some dustSend hip a grip, climate you got" spitA little something choose thisWhat the hell space you wait for?

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Jay-Z Shawn Corey Carter (born December 4, 1969), better known by his phase name Jay-Z, is an American rapper, document producer, entrepreneur, and also occasional actor. He is among the many financially effective hip hop artists and entrepreneurs in America. In 2012, Forbes estimated Carter"s net worth at virtually $500 million. He has sold roughly 50 million albums worldwide, if receiving fourteen Grammy Awards for his musical work, and also numerous additional nominations. He is continuously ranked as among the biggest rappers the all-time.

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He to be ranked #1 by MTV in their perform of The best MCs that All-Time in 2006. 2 of his albums, Reasonable Doubt (1996) and also The Blueprint (2001) are thought about landmarks in the genre with both that them being ranked in rolling S… more »