Like pretty a lot any significant online game, Call of Duty: WWII’s launch didn’t go 100% smoothly. Tright here were plenty of connection concerns on day one, however Sledgehammer have rolled out some changes over the weekfinish aimed to ease the early on server load. They’ve disabled a pair of tertiary functions alongside these fixes, however one of them you probably won’t miss out on also a lot.

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Find out just how Cevery one of Duty: WWII runs through our COMPUTER performance guide.

Headquarters mode, the game’s common social lobby, is currently not public, interpretation you won’t watch fellow players opening their loot boxes for a little while much longer. (But you can still invite your friends for a personal loot party.) Leaderboard updates have additionally been temporarily disabcaused help lower the server strain – yet the information is still being tracked, so it’ll be exact once the ranemperors return.

Sledgehammer also say they’ve “pumelted a change enabling greater capacity load balancers, bring about boosted live connectivity,” and also it appears all these transforms together have greatly fixed the connectivity problems players had been having throughout all platdevelops.

One of the even more considerable problems to come about as a result of the server difficulties has been shed development, however Sledgehammer say that in many cases players had actually shed much less than 5 levels, and also the necessary fix was made Sunday morning. They carry out say they “are committed to making it approximately the influenced players,” yet the certain develop such a make-excellent can take is as yet unclear.

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Perhaps all these server troubles come from the game’s renewed success. After all, it did sell substantially more than Infinite War did at launch.

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Updated: Nov 6, 2017

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