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If you've obtained a ton of huge face hundreds dollar billsHow lot money would certainly you have?And every hundred dollar bill sweet a gramAnd there's 28 grams in an ounce and there's 16 ounces in a poundHow many pounds is the in a ton?Got come be around your uhh, uhh, uhh.....Verse One: C-BoI slide thru, the 5-double 0 drop S-C'97 Sport and shorts and matchin jew-elsWorth about a quarter, mil-ticket is exactly how we dressTrue ballers fakin meal tickets increase in the WestI recognize you wanna touch united state cos at the clubs you women rush usCos we're all about our cash, deluxe livin and also hoes love itHavin money by the ton, Rolex and BossaliniA nuchi offer Versace cologne, now wanna see meAt my best or worst? i gets record when i burstRepeatedly, heated, dumpin low-low's, you know I'll burstTo gain my cash on, ns spin the A-1 dollaFor money through the ton, come acquire it through no sodaChorus: MississippiMoney through the ton, that's the means it comesWe all, acquire paidOoohhhh ooohhhh, us makeMoney through the ton, that's the way it comesWe all, obtain paidOooohhhhh
Verse Two: C-BoI'm all about the paper, nothin can come between thatBut Lexus, fully diamondback, ???? and bald capsHoller "Thug", that's what us be, that you see?Steepin the end of ragboys, cornises and BentleysSix million disagreement homes, we remains to the flowNow how much cash deserve to you ridge in a twenty thousand pound boat?It's money by the tons, fo' sho' homey and also all hundsAnd if ya get past the gate, cameras and pitbulls, you have the right to have someFlossin, nobody flosses favor bosses doBut caution, as soon as they rise cos the dorn step, bodyguards swoopTo protect those, diamond RolexosSippin the XO on chromed-up leaky's and Lexo'sI placed it down, lb for pound, surrounding by the millionsFancy cars, movie stars tryin to make a billionCome show them mine cash bundle, you space a pocketAddicted to money, they can't protect against it, it's day-to-day comin by the tonChorusVerse Three: C-BoNow how you snapshot mad loot, stretch Rolls and rag Coupes?Big deals with laced, I desire all mine dollars brand newI stand true come the game, ~ above loot to the money trainRolex's and also diamond rings, large bodies v the blowed brainsI lug the pains to obtain the cash choose Jesse JamesTil the wild wild West is drained by significant PainWho got the loot? big bodied Coupes and also S-ClassesAnd once we swoop, kickin the booty or catchin casketLoad up the rigs, v crazy big-faced hundsHeaded because that the drug, tho weighin the by the tonCos money renders the people go round, stackin off-shore accountsWaitin on the ?????So be a baller, got to keep it top top the slunderMilli'ns by the hundred, transactions thru account numbersMore money 보다 you ever seen in huge faced hundsComin in a hundred and twenty million every ton