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‘they were choose brothers’‘she looked nothing like Audrey Hepburn’‘I likewise noticed he had actually a corduroy suit in his bag similar to mine.’‘He is favor a brothers to me and also has obtained me with a lot and also has always been there.’‘The firework went turn off right over the car, that was like a bomb, and also it frightened the life out of Declan.’‘It"s not favor a stolen auto that can be resprayed and given a false number plate.’‘It will likewise be a tragedy for family members like mine, who have actually seen miracles take place in this unit.’‘This man is the closest thing she has to a dad and is like father and also brother every rolled right into one.’‘However, I would be an extremely interested if any type of one has had actually an experience favor mine.’‘It didn"t sound favor anything else the was approximately at the time.’‘What friend character would certainly you say you were many like?’‘When challenged with two equally default candidates, employers tend to choose the one most like themselves in interval or background.’‘She gets much more like him as she it s okay older, yet thinks most human being would liken her to she mother.’‘She looked nothing choose her parents or she brother.’‘She wore a skirt prefer Kay"s however it looked much far better on her.’‘He appears, at very first sight, to be very like his urbane television character, the radio psychiatrist Dr Frasier Crane.’‘Dressed in a clever brown suit and also with her hair in a bun she sought all the human being like miss out on Marple.’‘Claudia and also Alex are entirely different from me and also at very first I assumed I was intended to be choose them.’‘I"d asked for the sirloin come be fine done, yet didn"t suppose it to be choose leather.’‘Just don"t expect it to sound prefer his old indie rock group, or lot else for the matter.’‘Is it like a chain letter wherein you every copy it and also expect twenty rather to do the same?’‘We to be both going because that shots and missing - the was favor the Davis and also Taylor final.’