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There space 5 intercity buses per day from Birmingham come Atlanta. Travel by bus native Birmingham come Atlanta generally takes about 3 hours and 4 minutes, but the faster Greyhound bus deserve to make the pilgrimage in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Distance140 mi (225 km)
Shortest duration2h 30m
Cheapest price$23.00
Trips per day5
Most frequent serviceGreyhound
Bus lines1

Bus expedition Reviews indigenous tastecraftedmcd.com Customers

Overall score for buses native Birmingham, AL to Atlanta, GA

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Pros: price and also comfort. Cons: safety as soon as reached the bus station... There are no protection guards, need to wait it rotates my parental arrive. Would certainly be an excellent if us have additional dropoff locations in phibìc Georgia locations.

Pros: price and comfort. Cons: safety as soon as reached the bus station... There are no defense guards, need to wait it spins my parents arrive. Would certainly be good if us have additional dropoff places in north Georgia locations.

Pros: it was really cheap. Cons: ns would have liked if the bus had some method to yes, really ventilate thoroughly. Some passengers no shower for days therefore there to be a smell. Tips: take an waiting freshener v you or a quite perfume.

Pros: the was very cheap. Cons: i would have liked if the bus had some method to really ventilate thoroughly. Some passengers no shower for days so there was a smell. Tips: take it an waiting freshener v you or a nice perfume.

Pros: Friendly and safe driver! only late due to traffic jam. Cons: Wifi to be slow. Tips: safe ride, an excellent deals!

Pros: Friendly and also safe driver! only late because of traffic jam. Cons: Wifi was slow. Tips: for sure ride, good deals!

$27.98 is the average price the a bus ticket from Birmingham come Atlanta. Acquisition a bus is an affordable means to do this trip. It’s easy to discover a bus ticket at this price or reduced when you usage tastecraftedmcd.com to publication your pilgrimage online in advancement of your take trip date.

end the next 4 weeks, the typical ticket price of a bus from Birmingham to Atlanta is meant to variety from $27 to $38. If you room looking to take trip to Atlanta within the next week, girlfriend can find bus tickets beginning from $27. The cheapest bus ticket in the next month space $27 and also can be found on January 5, 2022.

Traveling from Birmingham come Atlanta by bus will price you about the same throughout the year. In general, bus ticket prices for that path are fairly consistent, so mean to pay about $26 anytime you decision to travel.
most bus suppliers charge higher ticket price the closer you book to the day of travel, therefore it’s a good idea to buy her bus tickets as early as possible. The best way to find cheap bus tickets is to publication at least 8 days in advance. By act so, you can expect to conserve $16.81 on her bus ticket contrasted to booking at the last minute.

over there is one intercity bus company easily accessible to search and book on tastecraftedmcd.com the operates indigenous Birmingham to Atlanta. Greyhound associate the two cities by bus, it offers multiple scheduled buses per day for you to choose from.

Greyhound is the largest nationwide bus transport in the joined States, supplying cheap, safe and reliable service throughout the country. Greyhound has become a family name, serving end 16 million passengers every year with everyday trips to end 2,400 destinations. Greyhound performs about 5 bus trips indigenous Birmingham come Atlanta every day, through the average journey taking about 3 hours and also 4 minutes to complete. Bus tickets for Greyhound trips to Atlanta usually begin from $23.

Our bus partner have imposed several various policies to store you safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Indigenous limiting auto capacity to boosting cleaning protocols and upgrading air filters, bus carriers space committed to maintaining a for sure environment. Because that details on what each agency is doing to ensure their fleet continues to be safe because that travel, click here.

In addition, federal law requires all bus passengers to undertake a confront covering for the whole duration the the trip. Please make certain you space wearing a confront mask or you may not be enabled to board the bus.

please visit ours COVID-19 Travel overview for much more information on all carrier policies and also the latest travel advisories authorize by every U.S. State, Canadian province, and also European country.

How lengthy is the bus ride indigenous Birmingham to Atlanta?

The bus take away an median of 3 hours and also 4 minute to cover the 140 miles from Birmingham come Atlanta. However, the fastest bus only takes 2 hours and also 30 minutes. It's the perfect lot of time to take a nap, get some work done, or clock a movie. Store in mind the your actual bus might arrive earlier or later than scheduled, relying on whether over there is more or much less traffic 보다 usual.

Distance (mi)


Distance (km)


What is the busiest work of the mainly to take trip by bus?

Tuesday is generally the job of the week as soon as buses are busiest. If you room planning to take trip on a Tuesday, you must make sure to book tickets well in advance as they might sell out.

top top the other hand, Friday is commonly the least busy day because that bus travel on this route. If you’re looking for a tiny extra space, a Friday ticket is the way to go.

Most crowded


Least crowded


When carry out the earliest and also latest buses leave Birmingham?

The first bus leaves at 12:00am and the critical bus pipeline at 11:00pm. To see the time for all buses indigenous Birmingham to Atlanta, get in your specific travel days in the search bar.

Earliest bus


Latest bus


How plenty of bus schedules are there many days?

There room 5 reserved buses that travel from Birmingham come Atlanta every day, so you have a decent number of options to pick from. Furthermore, all of these are straight buses i beg your pardon you deserve to take the entire route native Alabama come Georgia there is no transferring.

Need more travel options? take into consideration taking the train native Birmingham to Atlanta; ticket prices start at $22.00.

City Information


Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

Birmingham may not it is in the capital of Alabama, but it does host the crown as both the cultural and entertainment resources of the cotton State. The second-most heavily populated city, Birmingham was founded during the restoration Period, which followed the American polite War.

quiet going about its organization as an commercial powerhouse, producing much of America's iron and also steel, Birmingham didn't get in the world's consciousness till the polite Rights movement one hundred years later. It’s one of the 8 iconic cities on our Martin Luther King, Jr. Road trip, as it’s the city wherein Dr. King created his famous “Letter native a Birmingham Jail.” once visiting, be certain to stop at the Birmingham Civil legal rights Institute to learn more about the city’s civil civil liberties history.

Today recognized as America's 'Magic City,' new life has actually been blown right into downtown Birmingham in current years. The streets have been cleaned up, enabling the city's historical gems such as the Alabama theater to light once an ext both through day and by night.

The Birmingham Museum that Art contains the most extensive collection that artworks in the southeastern unified States. It's linked to the nightlife districts of five Points South, Lakeview, and also Uptown by a collection of charming tree-lined public squares. Near by five Points South also lies Red Mountain's Vulcan Park, residence to the world's largest cast-iron statue. It was made for the St. Louis civilization Fair the 1904.

Birmingham is critical regional hub linking the Deep South, the Appalachian Mountains, and Piedmont. Travelers can quickly reach other notable destinations in the U.S., including Dallas, Phoenix, and Montgomery, many thanks to the hundreds of bus and train courses to and from Birmingham.

Atlanta is the funding of Georgia and the biggest city in the Peach State. Situated in the heart of America’s South, Atlanta is among the foremost economic and cultural hubs in the region and the United says in general. As such, it's among the finest vacation destinations in Georgia.

The city has played a major role in the polite War and also the polite Rights motion of the 1960s. Together a result, throughout Atlanta you can uncover various museums and points the interest dedicated to the lives and works that various key figures in those events, consisting of the boy name Luther King Jr. National historic Site and also the Atlanta history Center. Unsurprisingly, Atlanta is an important stop on our MLK Jr. Itinerary.

Atlanta is additionally a crucial hub for the U.S. Entertainment industry, and also it supplies some the the ideal nightlife experience in the country. Here, you will find some of the best craft beer in America and enjoy several of the best and also most authentic southerly food.

Atlanta is easily easily accessible by both bus and also train from assorted parts of the country, and also the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta global Airport’s location on the city’s outskirts makes it straightforward to travel to Atlanta from everywhere the world.

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constructed in 1996, the Atlanta Bus terminal at 232 Forsyth Street SW is situated close come downtown and is among the most famous bus station in the city. Offered by Greyhound, Southeastern Stages and also Jefferson Lines, this busy intercity bus terminal provides hundreds of relationships to significant cities. The Atlanta Bus Station uses convenient relations within Atlanta via the adjacent MARTA train station and also multiple public bus stops within one block the the station. There are additionally several hotels and also motels in the vicinity, for as soon as you’re prepared to relax after ~ a effective day of traveling.