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A mixtape release, Return that the Trill was issued to appease fans as they await the release of the comparatively personal album Bernard. The 14-track collection serves a second purpose together a reclamation the the slang adjective trill, which source in Bun"s native Port Arthur, Texas before widespread (and frequently improper) usage. Among the highlights are the muscular roller "Recognize" (featuring T.I. And huge K.R.I.T.), the jittering "Myself" (featuring operation the Jewels), and the mournful soul-blues hybrid "Gone Away" (with Leon Bridges and Gary Clark, Jr.).© TiVo

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Bun B, MainArtist - Killa Kyleon, FeaturedArtist

2018 II Trill companies / twin Dose to chat / empire 2018 II Trill enterprise / twin Dose entertain / EMPIRE

2018 II Trill enterprises / twin Dose to chat / empire 2018 II Trill enterprise / twin Dose entertain / EMPIRE

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