I understand I’m suspending id here that you’ve never ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer before and also that this information is brand brand-new to you. Yes, you already know the the mysterious man who’s stalking Buffy in ~ every rotate is a vampire. For this reason what execute you say we acquire in a time maker and ~ pretend it’s 1997?

It’s the annual Fumigation Party at the Bronze, the night when every one of the young world in Sunnydale conference to smoosh cockroaches in really hopes of earning a complimentary drink prior to the place shuts under for it’s yearly spray down. Buffy waxes on around her crush on angel to Willow, who’s yes, really invested in Buffy’s love life, many likely because her very own crush on Xander is walk nowhere.

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Buffy gushes about Angel the means that every teen girl talks around the young she’s gained a crush on. Words “hunk” is also used in she diary. Who deserve to blame her? Up until now, Angel has actually come v for she in huge ways as she salaries war against the understand underground. He knows her mystery slayer identity, seems okay with it, but still hasn’t permit Buffy in on any type of of his very own dirty secrets.

All the that alters in a huge way in “Angel,” as Buffy discovers every dirty detail around Angel’s past.

When The Three, the Master’s handpicked team of super vamps, strike Buffy and also Angel in the alley close to the Bronze, Buffy does her ideal to defend the guy who’s protecting her. They gyeongju to she house, she speak him to “get in,” and also they lock The three out, leaving them come go back to the understand with your fangs between their legs.

Angel drops an important piece the vampire information for viewers, one that will end up being a cardinal dominion on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Angel: A vampire can’t come in uneven it’s invited.Buffy: I’ve heard that before, however I’ve never ever put it come the test.

Oh, Buffy. You sure have.

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The Buffster is way too passionate to tell an injured angel to take his jacket and shirt off, friend know, to dress his wounds indigenous the huge fight. As constantly happens when two human being are reasonably attractive (and half naked,) your conversation gets a little…close. Buffy take away this together the perfect chance to try and find out what Angel’s deal is as far as romance through her is concerned.

Buffy: If you space hanging around, I’d prefer to understand why.Angel: probably I like you.Buffy: Maybe?

And again, Buffy’s all around taking off the clothes, informing Angel come turn around while she puts on the cutest pajamas ever. Which is surprising considering just how chaste their awkward tiny slumber party becomes. Come on, Buffy. You’ve got the sexy vampire top top the earth sleeping top top the floor next to your bed. I understand you’re sixteen, yet come on! Pounce top top that!


It’s interesting, Angel sleeping on the floor next to her bed. Vampires are animals, in a path of speaking. It’s practically an strange “loyal dog sleeps beside the bed” kind of situation.

This also brings me to my biggest question about this episode. The following morning, Buffy heads turn off to college where she and also the Scoobies dish about her night through Angel and also gather intelligence around The Three. Buffy comes residence to discover Angel tho in her bedroom.

Why did Buffy assume point of view would remain there every day? in ~ this point, she doesn’t know he’s a vampire. The Three are dangerous vampires who can’t come the end in the daylight. So Angel should be safe and sound to go home and hide in his own place. Granted, we understand Angel is likewise a vamp and can’t leave Buffy’s home in the daylight, however again, Buffy doesn’t understand that in ~ this point in the episode.

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So she was usually assuming this guy would hide in her house all job long?

After Buffy returns home from school, she and Angel can’t fight their attraction anymore, and also even though point of view knows it’s a bad idea, he kisses her.

It’s among the many epic an initial kisses in the background of television. That ends through the most shocking of revelations, when Angel pulls away, and also then look at up at Buffy v his vampy challenge on.

Naturally, this transforms the video game for Buffy. The mysterious guy she’s to be crushing on isn’t a man at all. He’s a vampire. And she’s a slayer. But he’s never tried to damage her, to this point. Point of view hasn’t done anything to imply that he can be a negative guy. Angel’s been on Team Buffy due to the fact that her very first day in Sunnydale. Something around Angel doesn’t include up. He’s a vampire who’s a great person.

Giles: A vampire isn’t a person at all. It may have the movements, the memories, even the personality the the human it take it over, however it’s still a demon in ~ it’s core.

This episode is complete of information about vampire lure.

Darla, who we’ve only recognized to be the Master’s favorite lackey, appears to know Angel’s secrets, as we find that she and also Angel go means back. Several lifetimes, in fact. It transforms out that Angel is quite linked to the Master, which describes why he to know so much around him and what his to plan are. We likewise learn the Angel does feed on person blood come survive…but he prefers the bagged kind, indigenous the hospital, a trope which plenty of vampire mirrors will go on to use.

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Angel is 240 years old and has killed a most people. A LOT.

The Master: Angel…he was the most vicious biology I ever before met. I miss out on him.

Discovering the Angel’s a pretty poor guy is a little bit of a gut punch. How deserve to it be?

The writers arisen an amazing backstory because that Angel, one that seems pretty straightforward, yet will surely come to be very complicated in the future.

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