This interlude skit attributes leader Kim Namjoon’s (RM) acceptance speech on behalf of BTS for receiving the peak Social Artist Award in ~ the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. This was… read More 

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SKIT: Billboard Music Award decided 의해 방탄소년단 가사

>Woo!And the Billboard Music award goes to...!BTS!ARMY, our fandom, give thanks to you really muchYou know, we still cannot believe that we're standing below on the stage at Billboard Music Awards, oh my goshAnd the is so great to watch all the artists us admire and feel honored to it is in in this classification with such good artists, you recognize like, right in former of usIt's really honored and most importantly, this award belongs come the every civilization all about the human being that light the love and also light on us by the millions and also make BTS proud yes, really everywherePlease, ARMY, mental what us say, love myself, love yourself정말 사랑하고, 감사합니다, 더 멋진 방탄소년단 되겠다Thank you Billboard for supporting us, thank you!

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This interlude skit functions leader Kim Namjoon’s (RM) acceptance speech on behalf of BTS because that receiving the height Social Artist Award in ~ the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. This was a far-reaching landmark not just for BTS however for the influence of K-pop top top the an international stage. It is the an initial time any kind of K-pop team has got a Billboard award, and also the speech’s consist of in the album serves as a token that the group’s gratitude to their fans for bringing a dream prefer this come reality.

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In one Vlive by RM, one of the members that BTS, the said:

When i met up through my friends they proved to me. They proved me the video clip clip that me. They verified me, saying, “Hey, I observed your interview.” ns begged them no to beat it. I felt really embarrassed.

I nothing know just how I go it. <…> I saw my speech only once. I looked quite relaxed and also confident, however in truth I to be super nervous. I thought, what if we really gain the award? i thought about what I need to say summary in instance we won. Ns glad i spoke well on stage. <…> once I came off stage, mine legs to be shaking. In the behind footage we all adopted each other. <…> two members cried. <…> I got teary eyed.

J-Hope do a cameo in the vlive, and RM said:

When we witnessed the paper, girlfriend to be like, “Man, seriously. Is this for real?” friend said, “We’ve yes, really come a lengthy way.”

After J-Hope left, RM continued:

It was really amazing to watch the celebrities we experienced on YouTube. Castle clapped your hands because that us, and I was yes, really grateful.

He additionally spoke in English because that the worldwide fans, saying:

We never expected so countless fans in the arena, since it to be America. There were amazing artists, peak artists in the world like Drake, Miley Cyrus, The Chainsmokers, Halsey. <…> friend guys, there to be so many in the stadium. Once we obtained the award, you to be screaming, “Yay! BTS!” Those screaming and also those noise and shouting to be the factor I couldn’t feeling so nervous on the stage. That’s how I could end my speech safely, no forgetting all the words. So, I’d favor to be grateful.

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<…> all the ARMY, and all the audience in the arena and outside. Thanks so much. I heard the it to be so hot in Vegas. It was like 35 degrees celsius. <…> i heard you males were waiting for the magenta carpet indigenous dawn, choose 5 am. Ns cannot imagine that. Space you okay?

Thank you so much for everything, like for the BBMAs, hot 100, iTunes, US and UK charts. Say thanks to you. Hope you males feel it.