Swamp civilization season 12 is getting well underway, wherein Bruce and also others are seen searching for gator season. So, exactly how old is Bruce Mitchell?

The history series puts a lens top top a group of hunters, that make a life by catching alligators in a Louisiana swamp.

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Bruce is among the cast, who space all attempting to preserve their own way of life in the Atchafalaya Basin.

How old is Bruce indigenous Swamp People? What is his network worth? store reading, together we explore how lot he is built up for himself over the years.


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Who is Bruce Mitchell?

Bruce is one alligator hunter that has become well-known for hunting solo because that over 30 years, which is believed of together dangerous.

He’s not constantly been fully alone, despite – together he used to lug his dog Tyler along, who died of love failure 5 years ago.

The Swamp world star and also father of two daughters flourished up in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, together the earliest of 5 brothers and also sisters.

Having been part of the history series since season one, that hunts the full 30 days during the wild gator season – native sunrise through to darkness.

How old is Bruce indigenous Swamp People?

60 year old

Bruce was apparently born top top July 13, 1960, which renders him 60 at the moment of creating this article.

Growing up, that is thought to have been rather the prankster v his family.

He started gator hunting in 1980, once he worked at pet park Kliebert’s Alligator & turtle Farm, in Louisiana.

The farm, i beg your pardon belonged to his then-girlfriend Janet Kilbert’s father, is wherein he learned the top of the profession – having been teach by the owner.

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When the married Janet, Bruce determined to relocate to the farm and continued to work under his father-in-law.

SwampPeople Bruce says,"Do i look prefer I fall food??"Ahahhaahhahahaahha….LOL