Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 illustration 18 Review: Captain Peralta

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The present has made cite several time of Jake’s estranged connection with his father. We know that his father cheated on his mother and left them as soon as was only a child. Jake’s “daddy issues” room a to run theme.

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However, i was totally unaware the Jake still retained in contact with his father; ns had gained the impression the they were totally estranged. So as soon as Jake stated that his pilot captain father to be coming to city to invest time with him, i was fully surprised.

Charles, together he so regularly is with Jake, was the voice of reason, and the voice of every one of us expecting the unpreventable disappointment the was to ensue. Jake was happy to store making excuses because that his dad, yet Boyle did no trust i get it Peralta as much as he can throw him, and also was dear worried around his friend’s expectations and also perspective. 

Jake has always had a difficulty with hero worship. We observed that critical season v the reporter the idolized (who was a destructive person), and also we watch this again with his father. If Charles tried to warn him about being also excited, and about deserving more from him as a father, Jake was quick to brush all the off. 

Unfortunately because that Jake, Charles was best all along. His father only came to town come take benefit of Jake’s position as a detective, and also had no interest in safety time with Jake ~ he had served his usefulness in acquiring him off the medicine smuggling charges. He go out him turn off without so lot as a thank you or one “I’m proud that you.”

Jake’s confrontation that his father at the finish is one of the solitary most gratifying scenes of the show. That a pivotal minute in the character’s growth; he’s finally gotten a handle of few of those dad issues, and also he to know what that deserves. Plus he gained a at sight cool pilot captain’s hat.

The present has frequently played through the idea the Captain Holt gift a father number to Jake. This to be supremely apparent in this episode. Both Holt and also Roger are captains of some kind, and also even Jake admitted to it gift weird when Roger and Holt overcome paths.

However, while i get it takes advantage of Jake, breaks assures to him and also deserts him, Holt proceeds to overview Jake top top the path to coming to be the best person he is. Holt even made great on the promise of buying drinks that i get it was supposed to have actually done. Best of all, he gave Jake the validation the he’s necessary his entirety life. Jake ultimately had a father figure that to be proud of him.


While Jake, Scully and Charles were off resolving mysteries in Canada, Captain Holt had actually the remainder of the precinct going nuts v an island escape puzzle. That posited the difficulty to his crew, dangling a prize of Beyonce ticket to the an initial person to settle it.

This side story wasn’t rather as engaging together usual. We’ve viewed Amy’s competitive next before, and this was a an ext subdued variation of it. Though it was exciting to view the pairing of Rosa and also Gina. These two have actually the strongest characters of the whole precinct, and also I marveled at the truth that lock were actually able to job-related together.

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This to be a solid illustration of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and also I’m incredibly glad that Jake obtained some of the closure that he deserved.


Anyone else starting to think that Scully was in reality a prodigy? no only deserve to he song opera, and he learned French by being forgotten in Paris because that a couple days! i really want to know much more of his story now!Is it simply me, or to be Jake Peralta incredibly, unbelievable attractive in the pilot’s uniform?By contrast, i agree through the precinct. Boyle"s goatee had actually to go. Soundtrack notes: nice usage of heart In The Sky. Another Canadian note: by the way, our cops space awesome. The imperial Canadian an installed Police fight crime top top horseback – effectively!

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