In "The Legend the Sleepy Hollow," what room two points Brom skeleton does come get back at Ichabod because that trying come steal Katrina?
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Brom skeleton plays pranks on Ichabod Crane, but he also resorts to utilizing Ichabod Crane"s impressionable and also superstitious nature versus him.

at the finish of the story, we discover that Brom bones marries Katrina. The text tells united state that, whenever Brom skeletal hears the story of exactly how Ichabod Crane disappeared,...

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Brom skeleton plays pranks top top Ichabod Crane, however he additionally resorts to making use of Ichabod Crane"s impressionable and superstitious nature against him.

At the finish of the story, we discover that Brom skeletal marries Katrina. The message tells united state that, anytime Brom skeleton hears the story of how Ichabod Crane disappeared, he constantly laughs around the pumpkin. Here, the author hints the Brom bones impersonated the Headless Horseman in stimulate to loss his rival, Ichabod Crane.

According to the townsfolk, Ichabod Crane chanced ~ above a mysterious horseman if returning house from the valve Tassel"s harvest party one night. To Ichabod, the horseman was of "large dimensions, and mounted on a black equine of an effective frame." due to the fact that of his superstitious nature, Ichabod became frightened by the fearful apparition. He tried come hoodwink the horseman, however the last kept up with him.

Eventually, Ichabod noticed the the horseman to be headless; the latter held his head at the front (or pommel) the his saddle. Upon seeing this, Ichabod kicked his equine so that the pet kept up a fierce gallop. Together for the headless horseman, he seemed fearless and also had tiny trouble keeping up v Ichabod.

Soon, Ichabod spotted the church bridge and imagined that if he might reach it, the headless horseman and also his black steed would certainly vanish in a flash of fire and brimstone. However, instead of vanishing, the horseman threw his head at Ichabod, i beg your pardon unseated the negative schoolteacher.

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According to the story, Ichabod was never ever seen or heard from again ~ his unfortunate adventure with the headless horseman. The townsfolk, however, preserve that a shattered pumpkin to be later found next come Ichabod"s hat, near the bridge. So, it would appear that Brom Bones had actually the last laugh: Ichabod was never ever hit through a human head, yet rather a pumpkin. This event is the critical of the pranks Brom Bones play on Ichabod.