This is a overview to farming silent Princesss, a material in The Legend of Zelda: Breath that the Wild (BotW). Discover where to acquire Silent Princesss, its buy and also sell prices, and what you can do through it.

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Silent Princess general Info

quiet Princess Item form
This beloved flower was said to have been a favorite of the princess the Hyrule. When feared to have actually gone extinct, it"s newly been spotted cultivation in the wild.

Silent Princess Effects

heart Recovery cooking Effect

Silent Princess to buy Prices

buy Price

Where to Farm silent Princesss

Silent Princess Locations and also Sources

usual Locations
・Hyrule Ridge・West Necluda

How come Farm silent Princess Quickly

Satori Mountain


☆ = silent Princess

The finest place to farm silent Princess is north of Mogg Latan Shrine ~ above Satori Mountain.

From Mogg Latan Shrine, go behind the shrine and climb up. Before reaching the 3 pillars, there need to be 2 silent Princess flower nearby.

Go past the 3 pillars, and also you have to see a cherry flower tree v a tiny lake. There should be 4 quiet Princess flower there.

This will net you around 6 quiet Princess flowers.

What To perform With quiet Princesss

Sell because that Rupees

Silent Princess deserve to be sold for 10 Rupees. However, we recommend looking right into other provides instead.

Item market Price
Silent Princess 10

Use It for Cooking

Silent Princess have the right to be used to whip up the adhering to recipes and also elixirs.

There are no entries because that this item.

Use It because that Armor Upgrades

Silent Princess can be supplied to update the complying with armor through great Fairies.

Champion"s TunicStealth Chest GuardStealth MaskStealth Tights
Sheik"s Mask

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Where to Farm quiet Princesss: Locations and Prices

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