Tbelow are a multitude of useful creatures in Breath of the Wild, including the Hot-Footed Frog. Here"s all you have the right to perform through it.

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In spite of being a seemingly innocuous creature discovered in Hydominance, the Hot-Footed Frog does make an appearance in among Link"s memories as Princess Zelda eagerly shows him the rare find. While they deserve to be tough to capture in Breath of the Wild, they deserve to likewise be incredibly advantageous and also are worth trying to catch whenever before the possibility presents itself.

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Since Hot-Footed Frogs aren"t a food item, trying to cook them into any type of regular recipe will produce Dubious Food, which is ssuggest a waste of sources and also has actually no real worth exterior of letting the player recognize once a details combination of items won"t produce anything of use. On the various other hand, Hot-Footed Frogs have the right to produce some useful Elixirs and are needed to upgrade several armor pieces, making them a commodity that players shouldn"t waste.

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Hot Footed Frog in BOTW
Like their real-civilization counterparts, frogs are generally found approximately water and also wet locations. Many can be discovered roughly Hateno Village, particularly, in the upper regions of town close to the road to Purrah"s laboratory. They can also be found in abundance around Lanayru Great Spring near Zora Domajor, and all around the road on the method approximately Zora Domain, or Hyrule Ridge close to the Ridgeland Tower. The many plentiful place to discover Hot-Footed Frogs, however, is the Irch Level, northwest of Hyascendancy Castle and also simply over the Hyascendancy Castle. Both Hot-Footed Frogs and also Fleetfoot Lotus have the right to be found here, though tright here are additionally numerous Bokoblins on horseearlier wielding Fire Arrows, so it is worth taking added precautions if the player is planning to farm for them below.

Link food preparation a Hasty Elixir in BOTW
If the player tries to prepare up Hot-Footed Frogs via anything various other than monster components, it will result in Dubious Food being produced. Even if the player cooks up multiple Hot-Footed Frogs in the same recipe, the result will certainly be the same.

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When unified via monster parts, the usefulness of Hot-Footed Frogs becomes readily evident, as it creates a Hasty Elixir that increases Link"s activity speed by fairly a large amount when consumed. In order to produce a greater level Elixir, the player ssuggest has to cook up multiple Hot-Footed Frogs alongside at leastern one monster part or Monster Extract.

Link climbing in BOTW
Being able to swim, climb, and run much faster may seem choose a fairly weak result all things considered, however it"s an effect that is a lot more advantageous than it appears at initially glance. Aside from being able to swim and also climb further while utilizing the very same amount of strength, it also permits Link to even more easily capture as much as quick enemies, such as Lizalfos, which like to jump roughly and also can be tough to hit via melee tools. Hasty Elixirs are also extremely advantageous for recording animals and insects, specifically faster ones favor the Hightail Lizard and also Hot-Footed Frog, without the need for stealth raising equipment or impacts.

The second use for Hot-Footed Frogs comes via upgrading Link"s armor sets at among the 4 Fairy Fountains uncovered in Hydominance. In particular, they are required to upgrade the Climbing collection to its third level. Each of the three pieces demands 10 Hot-Footed Frogs in full, as well as 5 Ice Keese Wings, in order for them to reach the 3rd upgrade level. Before they can reach this allude, the player will certainly should upgrade the Climbing collection twice prior to, making use of Keese Wings, Electric Keese Wings, Rushrooms, and also Hightail Lizards, with the final upgrade additionally requires Swift Violet and Fire Keese Wings.

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