Pick increase this sidequest by eavesdropping (left), This sidequest involves fetching ingredients and cooking a Monster Cake (right)

A Parent’s Love¶

This sidequest is unlocked when you have advanced and almost finished the sidequest “From the soil Up” to construct Tarrey Town. Learn much more about it here.

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At night, walk to the residence where a mommy is tending to she sick daughter. She won’t tell you outright what’s happening, so eavesdrop from outside the home window in the back of the house. It appears that the small girl will only eat one specific form of cake.





Cook up through these ingredients (left), cook the Monster Cake presented here and also give it come the daughter (right)

The cake in concern is hinted in ~ by how desperate the mommy sounds. You require to cook a Monster Cake. The ingredient are: Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, and also Monster Extract. You deserve to buy the very first three ingredient from general stores roughly Hyrule, however Monster Extract is special.

If you haven’t yet, an NPC in ~ the Dueling Peaks steady will gift you through one and hint around Skull Lake. If you have actually not unlocked Kilton yet, you can do for this reason by completing the sidequest “A Shady Customer”. Learn about it here. Exchange monster components for mon to buy the Monster Elixir.

The other three ingredients can all it is in bought from the basic store in ~ Rito Village. Then you can use the cooking pot noted for convenience prior to returning to Tarrey Town.

Once you have cooked the cake, carry it to the family. You will certainly be warped back outside, for this reason go ago inside and speak with the mother, Ruli. She will offer you a gold Rupee precious 300 Rupees as thanks for helping she daughter recover.

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