The last 16 months have left our youth academically abandon due to a absence of in-person instruction, and socially isolated together schools and community resources closed their doors, leading to the over-all disregard of their advancement and nourishment. COVID-19’s devastating health, social, and economic results have developed irreversible damage to children currently living in Philadelphia’s most financially distressed communities. Not only did our neighborhoods experience high rates of COVID-19 transmission, yet they suffered disproportionality indigenous the socio-economic results of the pandemic. Scholastic turbulence negatively influenced our children educational advancement, with just 55% of Philadelphia’s youth meeting college attendance goals. COVID-19 safety guidelines such together social distancing and mask use resulted in a year of social isolation for currently vulnerable youth. As the unemployment rate in Philadelphia more than double from 2019 to 2020, our families faced increased food-insecurity, increased domestic violence, and also skyrocketing rates of pistol violence, leading Philadelphia’s children to experience a ns of hope and also opportunity because that a brighter future.

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During this bleak period, the boys & girls Clubs of Philadelphia proactively ensured the Philadelphia’s youth were not forgotten. We operated diligently over the past 16 months to meet the growing needs the Philadelphia’s youth, when ensuring our devoted and talented employees preserved their jobs. Because March 2020 boys & girl Clubs that Philadelphia:

Served over 302,437 meals come youth and their families.Continued operation in-person programing, consisting of the literacy Initiative, in 15 club locations.Established the D.E.F.Y. Virtual learning platform, with over 2,500 hrs logged.Supported end 1000 youth in 15 institutions nationwide through BGCP’s virtual resources.Served end 550 children through our online educational, arts, S.T.E.M and also fitness platforms.Hosted 15 access Centers, providing youngsters connectivity to school on a everyday basis.

Our staff, donors and Board the Governors were true champion for readjust during a time they were essential most. Lock stepped up there is no question, led when leadership was needed, and also embraced change with courage, boldness, and also compassion because that all. Yes, 2020 was a year of turbulence, but it additionally was a year the hope for a brighter future, together our champion of adjust showed our youngsters there were civilization who cared, civilization who had the valor to was standing for those right, assist where needed, and also be brave in the face of fear. Our Champions portrayed the core of human dignity, respect, and also a love because that all. We look come the future with lot optimism and also will continue the momentum to GO BOLD because that the children who require us most.

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Collectively, as we take on our community, everyone’s support will do a difference.