After a series of action-packed episodes, Boruto: Naruto next Generations slows things down this week together the characters address the results of the Otsutsukis" attack. V Naruto unaccounted for, Hinata serious injured, and also Mitsuki absent his chakra, Boruto begins to feel the load of his recent actions and also reflect on his connection with his old man. Although Boruto fears the worst, Sasuke educates him the Naruto wasn"t killed—but quite taken by the Otsutsukis. V the help of the five Kage, Sasuke mounts a rescue mission. Despite the Kage room initially against the idea, Sasuke convinces castle to allow Boruto come come along. As Sasuke informs his pupil, if he and also the Kage room taken out, Boruto"s help will prove an important in turning things around. Armed with Sasuke"s abandoned forehead protector and his father"s old jacket, Boruto complies with the adults through a dimensional portal opened up by Sasuke and also prepares for the fight his life.

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While it"s true the Boruto has had actually his re-superstructure of adventures transparent the show"s run, the Otsutsukis" strike is maybe his an initial taste of large-scale destruction. Having actually grown up throughout a time of family member peace, Boruto has actually been able to lead a reasonably normal life (for a ninja, anyway) and worry about normal son stuff—i.e., his father not spending enough time through the family. Now that he"s checked out the kinds of dangers his father contended with top top a semi-regular basis farming up, it"s feasible he"ll build a new respect for the trials gone through by the previous generation. This might also give him a much better understanding of why his dad safety so lot time at the office.

Although Boruto is undeniably the episode"s core focus, the latest installment is significant for showcasing Sasuke"s seldom-seen soft side. Once he finds Boruto plagued by guilt, he"s the one who encourages him to take it it simple on himself and reminds him the Naruto had once remained in a very comparable situation. Despite retaining his trademark bluntness, it"s clear the Sasuke has a soft spot because that Boruto. True, this rescue mission is a task much better suited to the adults, but as the key character, Boruto requirements to be existing for the bulk of the action, and also Sasuke"s reason for pass him along doesn"t seem too many contrived. It"s also possible that Sasuke knows much more about Boruto"s true abilities 보다 he"s letting on, which means the TV variation of the upcoming fight may hold some surprises in store.

It"s a tiny relief to watch that Boruto"s girlfriend don"t appear to bear him any type of ill will in light of the Shinobi Gauntlet incident. True to character, Shikadai shows the most maturity of the bunch. In addition to no being angry through Boruto, that realizes that currently is the worst possible time come complain around the inconclusive exams—even though Cho-Cho can"t assist but lament about them. Even Sarada, who"s never been shy about calling Boruto out on his nonsense, elects not to chastise him because that his cheating. As Sasuke aptly points out, Boruto has actually a much more comprehensive support network than his father did in ~ this suggest in his life.

Padded with simply a smidge too countless flashbacks, illustration 63 is a hard lead-in come the upcoming last battle. In effect, it"s the eye the the hurricane, a short duration of rest before the action is kicked back into high gear. It"s critical episode that helps Boruto come to some distinct realizations after ~ a duration of self-reflection, readying him to possibly turn the corner in his connection with his father.

Rating: B

Boruto: Naruto next Generations is at this time streaming onCrunchyroll.

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