album: "Soul Sphere" (2015)

1. The Other half Of Me2. Throw Me In The Jungle3. Complimentary Fall4. Illuminate5. The Sleeping and The Dead6. Tidebinder7. Resilience8. Goddess that The Dawn9. The larger The Sound, The an ext We all Believe10. Warlords11. River Of Time12. The Composer

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1. The Other fifty percent Of Me

Watch my earlier cause it will certainly be in a grave next weekWatch my earlier cause it will be in a grave following weekWho"s come know, who"s to calculateLife is intended to love and also make mistakesIf I ever before had a side, that could bold confront lieAnd acquire away with it every timeIt would certainly be the man, within my head am I here or shed again, I store telling myself, telling myself, this isn"t just how the story endsI"ve come to paint the skies white and blackAnd as soon as the morning comes, ns won"t be looking backI know there"s tho beauty in the color left come seeSomewhere, inside, I"ll find the other half of meI"ll uncover the other fifty percent of meThe lines we break that make the shape of everyday routineA step over the waves and chaos is simply meWhere"s the heart and also passion don"t host backThe frames the make each day distinct as us proceedProgress front the previous cannot be live againI save telling myself, telling myself, this isn"t exactly how the story endsI"ve pertained to paint the skies white and also blackAnd once the morning comes, i won"t be looking backI recognize there"s quiet beauty in the colors left to seeSomewhere, inside, I"ll find the other fifty percent of meI"ll discover the other half of meWho"s to know, who"s come calculate, it"s the mysteryLife is supposed to love and also make mistakesYou"re not lost, I"m no dead, we are relocating side through sideYou"re not lost, I"m no dead, we room looking directly aheadWatch my earlier cause it will be in a grave following weekWatch my ago cause it will certainly be in a grave next week

2. Litter Me In The Jungle

I"ll leaving my blood in the cityThrow me in the jungleI can finally say I"m readyThrow me in the jungleJust let my lungs fill v smokeLeave just my skin a match and also a stoneWe"ll leaving no edge left undoneThe shadows run deep in the consistent sunAs highways unfold we uncover our museShe wears countless faces she speak our truthEven if you"re no the sameI won"t rotate my back on youIf i arrive to find myself letting the worstof you taking the best of meYou"re taking the finest of meThrow me inShould i trade sand because that salt?The facets seem to dissolve us allIn the end this is optimistic changeNo matter where ns stand no matter where ns layThis will certainly be the irradiate you live withWith a heart of fireSet my body ablaze

3. Complimentary Fall

I fucking lost myself againin the warm of the momentits a lost reason I recognize itI try to be openStill this feast will certainly unfoldyou dine and you knowhow you corrupt my mindbut you can never ruin my hopeI shed myself again grounding in a cost-free fallyou play the game and you constantly winin the heat of the momentI lost myself again your heart is killing mestuck in free fall pictures and also memoriesyou play the game and also you constantly winI understand things will stay the sameI know I didn"t solve anythingSo ns aim to pretend this won"t happen againyou deserve to disrupt mine mindbut you can never destroy my hopeYou deserve to laugh you deserve to smileFeel her heart is open let your heart freeIn this light i think I"m beginning to seeI know that your leaving meAnd i wish I can feel apathyevery time i close my eyesall I see is your anatomya taste that what it provided to bepictures and also memories

4. Illuminate

stand back and illuminateyour presence begins to shapehistory is bound to changestand back and illuminatein this wreck I"ll begin to forma new reason to think againits tough to see the misery and also doubt friend breatheI never thought ns would see the endof your existenceanother dream that was damaged from the distanceyou build resistance currently I"m indifferentnow I think in nothing native youa fate to challenge the world in secretyou never ever thought you might love againafter a while the dream to be deadA method to affix is every you neededI"m ready to know ready come seeI save on browsing what connects v methe emotion of dissociationgive me something to bring me peacewe"re all searching for integrityAnother confront a human counterpartbehind a mask to deceive usyou"re holding on and you recognize its all a lietime to leave it all behind

5. The Sleeping and The Dead

as ns witness you loss behindI continue and start come risenow you"re ~ a droning dazeto fall back into sulk in her shameIn connection we discover a game so obviousplanned indigenous the startcan"t define why it distracts usI"m delirious and also the wait is thinningthe room is spinning and also I am sittingevery breath I"m spend my very own doubtit quiet keeps us alivesee theres an evil thats outragedstill it keeps united state aliveresistance plays in ~ our heart stringswhen the weight comes downyou refuse it simply accept itthinking you require outyou produce it you have the right to escape itthis urgency you feel each secondwill never ever leave don"t ever think that is the endalive to keep us recklesswith toxin in ours veinswhile basic operatorsfollow directionsand pat the gamewhat you to speak in her head is not what you tell the worlddestroying all my fearsjust as the photo is around to come clearI dissemblefalling to the floor Ishattered ~ above the floor Ipicking up the piece as I

6. Tidebinder

Unbind me indigenous his cage I"m living inFrom which i can"t escape I require to acquire awayUnbind me native this prison, controlling so demandingall colorless and greyI can"t take it this expectation are acquiring in the wayLiving in silence Sheltered and also afraidIf this is all the life is Then obtain me the fuck awayIts the timing disclose yourself now unbind meA cry for helpOpen your eyes and make her story precious whileReveal yourselfWe"ve already come this far now its lot too so late to give ininto security its frightening exactly how numb that feelsdeny, don"t descend right into the greyRunning native your problems is no a strategyrestart, develop a brand-new realityA cry because that helpUnbind me native his cage I"m living inFrom which ns can"t escape I need to obtain awayUnbind me from these shadows broadening suffocatingso dark and also full that hateas I"m leaving opposition is hold me in placeThe sirens cry "emergency!"Head to the fieldsOur blood will run right into weathered landTime to challenge the weapon in me

7. Resilience

It came in wavesAs cycles divide and also unite usIt come in wavesThese visions space unsightlyThe job you go inCycles divide and also unite usYou should"ve stepped downThese visions room unsightlyWho have I end up being what have actually I doneI wish I had a path to choose fromTreading under every roadWill i view you nowI"m not ever before backing downWhen the page turns overI will be found againWhen the wait is overThis is our stomping groundRegret is no an optionYou understand I"ve seldom ponderedRelief is such a pure fragile motionDeath is no an optionThe story is no overIt"s unlikely will we dieResilience is our powerDriven by ours actionsOur resides are here and now

8. Goddess of The Dawn

It"s time to react It"s hold me backIf the style was constructed to failCan we prevent our absolute destructioncould you feeling a feeling of doubtThe an initial sign arrived and also showed united state something realDon"t hide far don"t consume and delayBegin to map the reality of ours waysfeel the have to see a directionSo we color in these imperfectionsI deserve to safely speak it"s love that connects usWhen the weight of the human being starts to rest yougravity brings under to realitywill girlfriend lift up and join me in the cloudsor continue to be planted come the groundWill girlfriend cleanse your hands and eyesFrom future corrupted mindsEscape indigenous the body the bones and the fleshIntegrate spirit in galactic distressLayers and years tension and also frightThe creatures beyond us in disguise

9. The enlarge The Sound, The much more We every Believe

Confined in our own fashion we riseFantasies lied in your nightmareYou"re no sticking to the pointSo we"re igniting every collapse dreamFantasies lie in your nightmareI recognize its much more than a dream you and also me therefore aliveA fading puzzle with one absent pieceA silent figure no words to speakI check out the faces the masterpieceIts getting brighter and also hard to breatheSteps we"ve made to collection us freeAs us ascend the online griefThe larger the soundThe an ext we every believeThere"s no time for livingWith a haunting enemyIn ours minds and in the civilization we meetLets lose our minds and also be collection freeThe human being we know turns at a continuous speedLike lightning us strikeLike thunder we breathe

10. Warlords

The sirens cry "emergency!"Head to the fieldsA dying light from deep within emerges freeTime to face the weapon in meThe means a demon the cross in and also crosses outChange frames hallucinateWill you freak outwe experienced the deals with looking in looking aroundtake form manipulatewhere are you nowGeneration dead your means is out of controlyou room unfulfilledyou can"t go back on what girlfriend saidSeparate from her disguiseYou look at disruptedUndo her mouth from every the liesand it is in confrontedIt obvious, unjust and terrifyingDon"t crawl earlier to whereby you to be hidingWe saw the the deals with the peril in ours handsNo room because that saviors we"ll lead ourselves till the endWe view the embers begin to fadeYou wait around for miscellaneous realAs the embers start to fadeYou wait approximately for something realsomething you might feelThis is the hazard that we all takeTo begin again or start to fadeWe room the Warlords


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Flow Of Time

Take what you require forget the restas we continue in our distressas the civilization turns the beauty leavesthe dark failing mask you operation towhile we face our disasterthe human being keeps turn fasterI can’t take it this i won’t do itits tough to relate as soon as i hear friend sayyou tried to ruin mesuch cheap dishonestyyou fail to overlook menow you’re descendingall the times we combated to avenge timeyou lay down and also surrendercome up and also take awaybroken dreams, unforgiven failuresThis flow of timeA fortune of goldenslave my crownrevive my soulI guess we’re fighting the hoursso do each moment yoursI’m approaching the sheet in a final defensive standso we’re living it up and also we’re throwing away the planwe"re every inyou claw girlfriend fight yet you constantly drownwe siege to it is in the true heroes nowin the fail I got knowledgein the memory ns was allow downThis river of time A luck of goldenslave my crown revive mine souldown present in absence circles expanddirect the folds on a linetake mine hand

12. The Composer

and so we beginframe by frame we pick each visionwho is your controllerwho is your composeryou’re in denial and also its hard to repaint the pictureyou"ve reached the end and also its time to considermoving ondon"t let this happen you bykeep relocating onthese facility fragments space going end my headwhen confrontation come you scatter v regretwe all have to listenwe all should see whats on displayrebuild what we"ve envisionedfighting a fight no one will wininfatuated enthusiasm we recognize we"re the sameour dedication has us full of intensityand so us concludeframe by framework we choose each visionyou are the controlleryou room the composer