Me and my wife did it. It gave us prefer 4 glitxhed tools, and also I used like 2 best off the bat, which made the remainder of the DLC cake. I would imply doing it (And I NEVER used the moonstone cprices or Moxxtails)…its actually an excellent ivestment.

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The point is, Moonstones drop so often it is basically a non-problem. Besides, you have a high chance on glitched gear from the chest. It offered me a decent Jakobs SR.

I’m pretty certain that chest gives you a guaranteed 3 or 4 glitched weapons. Of course, for 200 Moonstones, it much better be a guarantee.

You can’t buy an additional swarm at the chest on the same play-through.

So make certain on TVHM and UVHM you conserve it until after finishing the major game’s story.

I just tried on TVHM through just the one character so far. Because it’s a side search, I assume it’ll be easily accessible on all 3 play-throughs.

Hey all, many thanks for the replies. Moonstones weren’t really an issue, yet I’m still on my 1st playthtunstable via the character I lugged in, so I don’t have actually all the upqualities yet and also didn’t want to just burn 200 of them on somepoint stupid, favor General Knoxx’s giant bullet or something…

I obtained 4 different tools from this. All are 30th lvl like Athena, 2 of which have element’s of fire, and a Torgue Bladed Spitter. They all perform nicely, all have actually scopes or sites, and also heh, digitally-dramatic, yet what is their one-of-a-kind and/or distinctive pink abilities? I would -swear- all the weapons’ names are jokes on the true name, however I have actually no memory…Thanks and have actually fun!

I had actually just over 200 moonstones as soon as i gained the search, so i turned it in appropriate away.

I got a launcher, pistol, AR, and a Corrosive laser (all glitched) that won the DLC for me.

Well worth it, IMO!

Even as soon as i obsessively fequipped other chests i came across throughout the DLC, they were all VERY cheap through glitched tools.

Hi again. You all are mentioning “glitched weapons” however I don’t know what that is a recommendation to. I assume some negative facet of each weapon. As I stated prior to, all the weapons that I had obtained had actually a pink casting. Is that an indicator of what is a glitch? My weapons all seem to ‘work’ just fine, at leastern as I deserve to tell.Take care…

Those tools have actually a opportunity to obtain a unique impact on repack. You deserve to tell bereason they’ll readjust shade, and it lasts until the next reload or till you switch tools. There’s a topic in the lootology area dedicated to them, yet basically,red=magnum modeYellow=burst modeGreen=shotgun modeBlue=amp modeAll are useful, I encourage you to discover them yourself


Got a good Coach Gun for my Jack from it. Yellow Glitch is god mode. Almethods worth it, considering that Moonstones are so straightforward to gain and glitch weapons are awesome.

Thanks males. Man I’m an idiot! I currently notice that the ‘glitch’ recommendation is to the (awesome) “fragged computer” graphics on eincredibly among the pink tools. I’d forobtained that my Athena (who -simply now- obtained to 3second lvl) has actually 6 glitchy tools, 3 of those being assault rifles. I play my personalities slowly since A) I spend also a lot time via the Grinder, and also B) I have 3 characters apiece, one per ability tree of each character, other than for the Baroness who has 2. Not into multiplayer games. Jeez I simply this day ‘discovered’ that some of those ads are interactive.

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Thx for the headsup on this quest. I LOVE glitched weapons. My Jakobs pistol which fire 2 bullies commonly unified with piprice ship mode shreds EOS shield. When it’s on red mode… I was lvl. 36 and also it tore via a much greater lvl. player favor he was made of wet paper.