Just Desserts is a side mission in Borderlands 3 (BL3). This walkthrough will overview you through all objectives of the Just Desserts side Quest.

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Planet: PandoraArea: The SplinterlandsQuest Giver: BeatriceRequirement: Reach The Splinterlands during main mission Blood Drive.Recommended Level: 26Reward: $3,427 + 6,126 XP + coco Thunder unique grenade modMission Info: Beatrice the baker to know of a few deadbeats who must be taught a lesson about paying your tab. Aid her cook up part vengeance cake.


Collect barrel of gunpowderCollect spiderant eggs: 0/12Deliver ingredient to BeatriceCollect “candles”Return come BeatriceCollect cake layers: 0/3Deliver cakeAssemble cake: 0/3Place candles: 0/3Ring doorbellLight candlesMelee cakeWait because that it…Talk come Beatrice

Starting Location: Just Desserts



Collect Barrel of Gunpowder

Beatrice desires some help making an example of some non-paying customers. First, head to the South-East come the fence bandit area.


Fight your means to the ago of the area and also then head up the ladder, grabbing the shooting powder barrel in ~ the top.


Collect Spiderant Eggs: 0/12

Fast take trip yourself to The Splinterlands – Pitt’s stop point, then head North-West right into the area with the spiderant nests.


Back in the swarm area, you’ll find a few of the glow red egg sacks. Ruin them climate grab every the eggs from inside.


Deliver ingredient to Beatrice

Once you have both ingredients, head ago to Beatrice and hand lock over.


Collect “Candles”

Head come the side of the structure then in the door, and grab package of “candles” off the table.


Return to Beatrice

Head ago to the prior of the building, then go inside and also speak come Beatrice.

Collect Cake Layers: 0/3

Grab all 3 layers the the cake turn off the nearby table.


Deliver Cake

Head over to the significant location, which will look favor a dead end.

Assemble Cake: 0/3

Place the cake piece on the wait minecart in former of the door.


Place Candles: 0/3

Once the cake layers room placed, put the “candles” in each layer.

Ring Doorbell

Interact through the button to the appropriate of the door.


Light Candles

Interact with the candles on the cake to light them.

Melee Cake

Hit the cake native the back to send it inside.


Wait because that It…

Wait for it…

Talk come Beatrice

Once the bandits have had their dessert, head earlier and speak to Beatrice to finish the mission and also get your reward (and you deserve to shoot the piñata hanging outside)


This finishes Just Desserts next mission in Borderlands 3.

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