I was having the same issue then I decided to go back when ns cleared every the various other side missions and then it was there... Come buy them item because that the mission, girlfriend need approximately $100k because that PT1... I witnessed a video of the items costing $800k however I couldn"t tell if they were on PT 2, 2.5, or 3...

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The cost of the amulet is based on how lot money you have at the time.


For whatever reason, the male doesn"t generate for anyone every time. So if you walk there and also there"s no exclamation mark, quit, save and continue. I did that and also I ultimately got the man to present up (it was the really last point I had actually left to perform in the DLC).

It was the an extremely last point for me to perform too, that"s why i assumed I had to carry out all various other side missions very first for part reason... That didn"t present up til" then so...


Got mine 100% though, sooo... This DLC was very fun and worthwhile.. Hands down finest Bl2 dlc..

you have to beat the raid boss turn it in and also come back. That is bugged though. I read on another site if he ~ no on the map, rapid travel elsewhere and also quit. Fill your save and also go back. That didnt execute it for me though i tried 4 times. I actually passed it up and tried to obtain it on ultimate mode. Got smoked by the raid boss and also decided ill try again through 4 players tomorrow, but before i shut under i reloaded the first difficulty and went ago from the raid boss and also he to be there. Ns bet if he isnt there simply quit to menu reload her character for this reason you need to pick the an obstacle again it might clear any kind of data in your video game that glitches him. Hopefully somebody have the right to confirm this.

Not to revolve this right into a type of boosting thread, yet if anyone wants to and is tired of make the efforts to acquire the mission to pop or one of two people doesn"t have sufficient money for it, I have the right to just profession you the amulet (and you need to equip it) so friend can acquire the trophy and also you provide it earlier to me afterwards..

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Appear come have determined a resolve for civilization who are having actually trouble, exit earlier to the main menu, fill a various character, actually play it, then go back and load the character you need the pursuit to fill on, Personally, I visited my Zero to gain my deception mode trophy, and also went back to Axton, and the ! had loaded once i got ago over there.

Appear come have determined a fix for people who are having trouble, exit back to the key menu, fill a various character, in reality play it, climate go ago and load the personality you require the search to pack on, Personally, I checked out my Zero to gain my deception setting trophy, and also went ago to Axton, and the ! had actually loaded as soon as i got ago over there.


Thanks for this tip. This resolve absolutely worked on my an initial try. If the ! won"t appear for the Amulet mission, go to the menu screen and load up her character under TVH Mode, then switch back to Normal setting (or vice versa if you very first played this DLC in TVH). Suspect you"re revisiting the dungeon after beating the main quest, the ! should show up immediately.

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