The bail procedure simplified into 6 easy steps including answers come pricing, information required to get a bond, collateral, and also timing of obtaining a bail bond. 

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Need come speak to a bail bondsman? right here is a list of what you’ll require to have our bondsmen assist you efficiently


We understand unexpected instances happen. We’ll collection up a payment setup to work-related within your budget to get you a bail bond and return her loved one residence quickly.


Family owned and also operated through 26 year of bail bondsman experience. Castle Bail bonds has a proven track record to help you and also your love ones.


Drug possession charges come in different schedules which method different bail bonds. Learn an ext about how to assist with a bail bond for possession or paraphernalia.


Family and also domestic instances are challenging and require the utmost care. Find out the intricacies of domestic violence, battery and related bail bonds

Violent crimes come in countless forms: disorderly conduct, assault, robbery, and more. Learn about the differences, plea bargains, and how a bail link can aid a love one mitigate jail time

Everyone has the ideal to bear arms however without adhering to strict guidelines, one might be arrested because that owning a weapon. Learn an ext about weapons charges, how to continue to be legal, and also bail bonds for weapons

A second generation bail bondsman, Erik is proudly taking Castle Bail Bonds into the future. Erik graduated from The Ohio State college in 2010, and obtained his bail bonds license soon thereafter. Erik helps facilitate everyday operations within the Middletown office and also the neighborhood County Bondsman. Lock Bail Bonds has actually operated in Middletown for much more than twenty years and has more than 20 office locations throughout the state that Ohio and serves every 88 counties

In addition, Erik sits on the plank of Directors for The Ohio expert Bail Association, is a member that The experienced Bail Agents of the united States(PBUS), and also The much better Business Bureau


Our other County Bondsman:

Alberta Mills

Gareth Mills

Contact a Middletown bail bondsman now! we are available 24/7

speak to (513) 844-2772

Why castle Bail Bonds?

We’re Ohio’s trusted bail bondsmen.

Middletown Ohio Location:

109 N fountain Ave, Middletown, five 45042

evaluation US ~ above GOOGLE
I used one more bail bondsman initially, however when I dubbed this firm with concerns on the verity of the various other bondsman i was offered wonderful insight on the processes and what is to it is in expected. I would recommend this bondsman much more than the agency I used.

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