One year ago, we introduced Creative. A ar where anyone could share their creative process, collaborate v peers, and find part inspiration. Come celebrate the launch, something occurred that can only be described as…magical. Millions joined united state for a marathon currently of every 403 episodes of the Joy the Painting v the late Bob Ross. It to be the the happiest accident that ever was.

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Bob to represent what it method to it is in a an innovative streamer and also the joy that deserve to follow once you re-superstructure your an innovative process through others. He’s basically Creative’s soul animal. Well, the internet’s reaction come the marathon to be nothing brief of incredible. In fact, us received many requests and also even outright requirements to save Bob top top the air and to repeat the marathon in full.

Well… Bob’s 74th birthday is just around the corner and we think it would be criminal if us didn’t celebrate again. So, we’re happy to announce that beginning 10/29 in ~ 9am PDT, we’ll begin the marathon one more time. Every episode, every happy little tree, every almighty mountain, and every life-affirming native of wisdom will be streamed ~ above /bobross in full. SAVED, indeed.

In enhancement to the marathon, we’ve created some extra special brand-new ways come celebrate Bob.

Call your local station

First, your local station,, has set up a toll-free number (BOB — 297 — ROSS) because that fans come call and share your happy little thoughts. Maybe Bob has changed your life because that the better, or influenced you to repaint along. Or perhaps you were motivated by the marathon stream and chat. Contact anytime come share your story and we’ll broadcast several of our favorites over the course of the marathon. Lines are open and operators room standing by, so speak to now.

Stream v Bob

This year we’re also allowing co-streaming that /bobross. If she a streamer, you can paint together with Bob and get all zen v your followers. Just set your game to an innovative and make certain to put a #bobrossmarathon in her title. If you do decide to organize the marathon on her channel, you’ll also automatically have a opportunity to victory a year long subscription to the Bob Ross channel.

Say CoolStoryBob

Last year, us debuted a distinct emote for the marathon, KappaRoss and also Chat has used the an amazing 3.8 million time since. This year, we’re debuting a brand-new emote for the occasion, introducing…CoolStoryBob.

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Host Bob come win

We also have a Bob Ross Marathon Sweepstakes whereby you have a chance to win a year-long subscription come the /bobross channel! For complete rules, you re welcome visit the sweepstakes page for your opportunity to win*.

So, over the food of the marathon we hope you’ll traction up the old simple chair, gain some of Bob’s significant artwork and soothing words, and share her Bob stories with the community. We’ll watch you in there!

Thanks come Janson Media, Bob Ross Inc, and PBS Digital Studios for providing content for the marathon!