It’s the year that Bo Burnham, and celebrity pan are already asking tough questions. His new Netflix special, inside, which that filmed, edited and also wrote throughout the pandemic, affected his life in quarantine and also mentally. However, while the music comedian opened up to a lot, part fans desire even more — especially when it concerns his face.

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Bo Burnham | Matt Winkelmeier / Getty Images

Bo Burnham provides his name

Burnham was an early YouTube success story. Component “Weird” by Al Yankovic and also Craig Robinson’s musical comedy, Burnham talks around her most intimate, frequently bizarre an individual details, from mental health. Not rather stand-up and not quite a musician, Burnham discovered a place that few had any type of success in, and also it garnered audience love even more.

Burnham has come to be quite a Hollywood strength player lately, and also her IMDb page shows why. After year of maintaining his personality top top stage, he made decision to spread out his wings. The upcoming leap to Hollywood provides his star brighter than ever, and his pandemic-fueled comedy one-of-a-kind inside, He is now bigger than before. The one-of-a-kind took a frank look at Burnham’s psychological state as she went into lockdown.

It starts the end with numerous comedy bits but quickly turns into something an ext akin to an emotional vlog. That speaks around why he quit performing live, laments the his comeback fell short, and talks around the eviction and also loneliness the came through his lockdown. The fans liked it. However, some people noticed that as soon as he to be emotionally wounded, a physics scar stayed on his face. Now, they want to know how he got it.

How did Bo Burnham gain his mark?

Burnham’s latest unique was one of Netflix’s most personal comedy specials ever. Bo Burnham: within Received equal prayer for dealing with serious matters v a lens filled v laughter. However, once an artist talks openly about his personal life ~ above a publicly platform, it prompts fans to delve even deeper right into his life and ask questions about matters unrelated come his personal life.

Focus detailed how eagle-eyed fans could recognize a scar on Burnham’s head. However, while plenty of people first noticed inside, the comedian replied to a fan about its origins years ago. When a pan asked him around the mark in 2013, he gave a vague answer, saying it to be a “birthmark/birthmark” because that a pan on Twitter.

kennymackie Birthmark / Birthmark! always was, yet television cameras pick up on everything.

— Bo Burnham (

In 2016, someone asked around her scar again, this time in a Reddit AMA. In a transcript collected by Burnham acquired a slightly much more graphic remembrance the his origin.

“From birth. The an initial thing you see once a baby comes out is the peak of his head. I came out challenge FIRST. This is a bruise top top my face from my mother’s pelvic bone, The comedian added, including a inquiry of his own. “Need any much more info about my mom’s p*****?”

Maybe it’s the instance of a male who has spent his entire life questioning questions, but Burnham is all set to set the record straight. Still, for someone prefer him to it is in as open up as that is, possibly fans can think twice prior to encroaching ~ above his an individual life. Whatever the case, Burnham just turned thirty, and also while he’s had wives due to the fact that his teens, his biggest is however to come.

Where can I check out ‘inside’?

inside Has to be streaming top top Netflix in addition to several various other Burnham specials over the years. However, after ~ his critically acclaimed eighth class and an appearance in the Oscar nominated promising young lady, His Hollywood career proceeds to it is in multifaceted, as in the latest special. Burnham will appear in the upcoming HBO miniseries as NBA legend Larry Bird and has several various other roles on the way.

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Burnham’s career is simply beginning, and also with an ext on the way, maybe we’ll gain to know an ext about the best and also worst experience of she life.

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