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What is this?

The BMW Motorcycle owners of America is pleased come announce the 45th BMW MOA global Rally – the rally’s sapphire anniversary - will be organized at the Utah State Fairpark in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 13th v the 15th, 2017.

Utah is a rider’s wonderland v 21 nationwide parks and monuments, 40 state parks, and also seven national forests. Simple day rides indigenous the Fairpark will certainly take you right into the hills to Park City, the Utah Olympic Park, and also the year-round will of Alta, Solitude, and also Snowbird.

Salt Lake City is located between the great Salt Lake and also the west side of the spectacular Wasatch Mountains. About 530 miles west that Denver, 765 miles eastern of Portland and also 425 miles northeast of ras Vegas, that is often referred to as the crossroads the the west. Hosting the 2002 Winter Olympic gamings infused the city v an global flavor, when still keeping a friendly, “small city” feel.

The rally website is spread over 65 acres and close come the intersection the I-15 and also I-80 for basic access. A light rail system terminal just outside the grounds gives easy transport to thousands of hotel rooms, hundreds of restaurants and numerous quality micro breweries.

To uncover out much more about this good state, examine out the book “Ride Utah!” through Dave Magdiel. At over 300 pages that lists suggested routes, locations to stay and eat, and also provides a good appreciation of your riding opportunities going to, and also returning from, the rally. Information around the Utah State Fairpark have the right to be uncovered at, and also information around the better Salt Lake area can be uncovered atVisit Salt Lakeon their net site at

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The Salt Lake rally website is located in the MOA’s Rally region 1. Because that those wanting to know an ext about these zones or about the rally site selection requirements, visit the BMW MOA website at information and FAQs about the 2017 Salt Lake Rally will certainly be published starting later this loss through the BMW MOA media and also at