Thanks to Google\"s Archives i was maybe to find these. These space from the earlier days that Toonami\"s anime experience where the editing and enhancing was a little an ext paranoid (not the things have improved all that much on Toonami). Because that a series depicting a genocidal battle CN walk their best to conceal the truth that enormous casualities had been inflicted since Zorndyke first moved versus humanity. This series seems to have entered hiding on Toonami in donate of the much longer and an ext benign mirrors in your library. Must it turn up again you\"ll now know what you will be missing.Blue Submarine #6: Blues1. Shadow specifying mannequin\"s breasts removed.2. Scene of Mayumi stepping top top a syringe cut.3. Shooting of Hayami\"s nudie magazines cut.4. Step of Hayami lighting a cigarette on the roof cut.5. Cigarette removed from Hayami\"s roof scenes. Nonetheless the acting remains. Go figure.6. Mutio\"s nipples removed. (Gutsy move on CN\"s part since it still remains noticeable that Mutio is topless and also her yes, really breasts continue to be otherwise unaltered.7. Blood removed when Mutio bites Hayami\"s arm.8. Mayumi\"s \"kill\" adjusted to \"destroy\".Blue Submarine #6: Pilots1 ASW operator\"s \"ass\" readjusted to \"rear\".2. Step of Mutio pulling the bleeding mermaid corpse the end of the umikumo cut.3. Scene\"s the Hayami cigarette smoking in the galley cut or the cigarette was digitally removed.4. Hayami\"s \"can i smoke\" changed to \"can ns help\".5. Verg\"s \"killed castle all\" readjusted to \"got them all\".6. Step of Verg sticking his tongue into a mermaid\"s mouth cut.7. Step of Verg chewing on Mutio\"s ear cut.8. Opening of mission briefing snipped for time.9. Every cigarettes gotten rid of from the briefing room.10. Zorndyke\"s \"aren\"t girlfriend a Christian\" readjusted to \"aren\"t friend religious\".11. Briefing room revolt snipped because that time.12. Hayami\"s tobacco is currently a toothpick.13. Kino\"s \"blood on your hands\" adjusted to \"dirt on your conscience\".14. Hayami\"s cigarette originally fell from his mouth however the toothpick stayed in place.15. Step of severed eight striking Hayami\"s cockpit blister cut.16. Not an Edit... Iga\"s \"Get the damn gate open up now!\" left intact. Censors must have missed the one.17. Verg\"s \"kill them\" adjusted to \"finish them\".Blue Submarine #6: Hearts1. Hayami\"s \"I didn\"t kill him\" adjusted to \"I didn\"t carry out it\".2. Hayami\"s \"trying to kill me\" readjusted to \"trying come beat me\".3. Scene of Hayami\"s cigarettes dry cut.4. Slow pan up Mutio\"s body reduced (philistines!).5. Cigarette eliminated from Hayami\"s mouth.6. Hayami\"s \"kill ten exchange rate people\" adjusted to \"wipe the end ten billion people\".7. Evolved Mutio\"s breasts removed.8. Hayami\"s \"kill him, kill him\" adjusted to \"get him, acquire him\".9. Verg\"s \"kill\" changed to \"attack\".10. Hayami\"s \"kill\" adjusted to \"destroy\".11. Verg\"s \"kill\" changed to \"get\".12. Musuca\"s blood is currently blue (this to be really, yes, really lame).13. Step of sinking, bleeding musuca cut.14. Hayami\"s \"pawns killing every other\" adjusted to \"pawns battling every other\".15. Yuri\"s \"son of a bitch\" changed to \"blasted traitor\".16. Hayami\"s \"bloodbath\" changed to \"Armageddon\".17. Iga\"s \"both sides want blood\" adjusted to \"both sides want battle\".Blue Submarine #6: Minasoko1. Mutio\"s nipples removed again.2. Musuca blood removed from the Antarctic Ocean.3. Adm. Gilford\"s \"we\"re no going come die like this\" readjusted to \"we\"re no going down favor this\".4. Hayami\"s \"you\"re nuts\" to Kino removed.5. Frieda and also Alexander\"s reparte after Blue 6 completes her loop cut.6. Not one Edit... Developed Mutio\"s acquired their breasts back.7. Close variety fight in between Blue Fleet and also the Musucas cut.8. Breasts removed from Treewoman. (You win some, you lose some.)9. Hayami\"s exchange v Zorndyke clipped because that time.10. Kino\"s \"why go you kill them\" adjusted to \"what walk they ever before do to you\".11. Kino\"s \"I\"ll death you\" changed to \"you\"re gonna pay\".12. Zorndyke\"s \"if girlfriend shoot me\" changed to \"if girlfriend hurt me\" climate \"if you complete me\". (Why? the didn\"t to speak \"kill\".)13. Treewoman cropped the end of shoot of Zorndyke opening his shirt14. Iga\"s \"GO come HELL\" changed to \"suck top top this\". (This was supposed to it is in an improvement!? What to be they thinking?)15. Zorndyke\"s \"lid come Hell\" readjusted to \"Pandora\"s Box\".16. Zorndyke\"s \"shoot me\" readjusted to \"eliminate me\".17. Verg\"s wounds now bleed blue. (And his hair is blue as well. Now I know exactly how they do that. ^_^)18. Verg\"s \"you killed him\" changed to \"you walk this\".19. Verg telling Hayami to dice cut.20. Blood removed from Hayami\"s face.21. Verg\"s battering of Hayami shortened. Sprays of blood removed.22. Scene of Verg strangling Hayami in the waiting shortened.23. Verg\"s penis removed. (YOUCH!!!)24. Spray the blood removed once Verg tears turn off his voicebox.25. Hayami\"s cigarette removed. (He likewise grew his this back.)26.

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Hayami\"s \"I\"ve eliminated so many people\" readjusted to \"I\"ve damaged so plenty of people\".27. Countless scenes through Zorndyke shortened because that time.