Scott Fischer the Scott Fischer Enterprises sell Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson in Hickory, north Carolina to Josh Russom. This is Josh’s 2nd Harley-Davidson dealership and second purchase indigenous George Chaconas of performance Brokerage Services.

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Official press Release:Motorsports that Hickory, gmbh doing business as Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson in Hickory, phibìc Carolina marketed from Scott Fischer Enterprises come Josh Russom, owner the Redstone Harley-Davidson in Madison, Alabama. Mockery Russom had reached out to George Chaconas of power Brokerage Services, an automotive and Harley-Davidson dealership brokerage firm, for aid with to buy his first Harley-Davidson dealership. In 2016, Josh’s dream come true when he acquired Redstone Harley-Davidson in Madison, Alabama v Performance Brokerage Services. Eager and also anxious, mockery consummated the deal within 3 months.

When Scott Fischer, owner of numerous Harley-Davidson dealerships, reached out come George Chaconas to sell Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson in November of 2016, there was far-reaching interest by many parties. George and Josh Russom reconnected to comment on the dealership opportunity and see if mockery was all set for his 2nd store. Fast to action again, josh signed a Letter of will to acquisition within one month and the dealership transaction to be closed 2 months later.

Josh Russom, is currently an owner of 2 Harley-Davidson dealerships with his partner, Andrew Campbell, who is based the end of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The brand-new owners room two young college graduates, both married v young children. Josh enjoys all species of outdoor sporting activities whether it’s on the water or top top the road and also of course is a Harley enthusiast. Josh is prepared for another an obstacle with his acquisition of Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson.

Along v his business partner, Andrew Campbell, who has actually a degree in supply Chain work Management and also Marketing, and also an MBA, the 2 are absolutely up for that challenge. His background with Harley-Davidson and his education and learning have led him to coming to be a Harley-Davidson dealership owner. He likewise enjoys the out life through his family.

Scott Fischer to buy Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson in 2012 while celebrating his 25th anniversary v Harley-Davidson and also as part of his new commitment to focus specifically on offering Harley-Davidson motorcycles and also owning Harley-Davidson dealerships only. He decided to offer Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson in Hickory, north Carolina in stimulate to emphasis on his dealerships in Florida, brand-new Mexico and also California.

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Josh to plan to store the surname Blue Ridge Harley-Davidson and also the dealership will continue to be at its existing location at 2002 13th Avenue journey SE in Hickory, phibìc Carolina.

George C. Chaconas, the exclude, agent for this transaction and the head that the national Harley-Davidson and also Powersports division for power Brokerage solutions commented, “It brings me pleasure to see a new generation of Harley-Davidson riders, enthusiasts and also now dealers. Ns wish Josh and Andrew ongoing success and am honored to be a component of your growth. I say thanks to Scott Fischer for once again enabling me the possibility to earn his business.”