Get into gathering and also crafting in tongue & heart with this beginner's guide covering the simple bases.

Most human being aren"t going come be attracted to Blade & Soul for the crafting, let"s be real. The game"s large draws space the graphics, combat, and also PvP; yet gathering and also crafting are a large part of any type of player"s much-needed income at endgame.

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Players can"t obtain started v gathering and crafting until they with Jadestone town around level 13. This is the an initial town wherein there are guild representatives for you to peruse and also grab job from.

If you"re no the form to dabble in job in various other MMORPGs, you can be happy to find that gathering and also crafting is primarily an automated process. If you"re choose me and also like doing job in MMOs, you may be disappointed. But Blade & Soul simply isn"t that type of game, even if the money you make from job is pretty lot essential.

Which professions space available?

There are a total of 14 guilds you deserve to join in Blade & Soul and also you can be in two collection guilds and also two do guilds in ~ a time.

First let"s take a look in ~ the Jadestone village map v each guild representative marked.


This can seem like a many if you"re new to the game seems. Here"s a quick rundown the what"s available:

Gathering guilds

The products you gather in this guilds are usually used by more than one make profession.

Herbside Service (Herbs)Green Thumbs (Soil and also grains)Prospector"s Union (Ore)Stonecutters (Stones)Tree Fellers (Logs and also sap)Trapper"s Alliance (Meat and also bones)Fish Network (Fish oils and also shellfish)

Crafting guilds

Every crafting guild provides items used by other crafting guilds, making every little thing come full circle. Every crafting guild renders items required for mid-to-endgame not mentioned here, quite these are just the an easy items castle craft.

Earthseers (Charms)Forgekeepers (Weapons)Radiant Ring (Accessories)Soul Wardens (Soul Shields and transformation Stones)Merry Potters (Bowls, refiners, and also other items provided by other crafts)Silver Cauldron (Potions)Acquired Taste (Food)

Which guilds have to you sign up with together?

You need to pick your profession guilds so you deserve to gather the products you must craft. Otherwise, you"re walking to have a hard time. Some guilds certainly go better with some than others and also you"ll conserve yourself a an excellent deal of time (and money) through grabbing specific profession combinations.

If you"re at sight lazy one way to obtain started is to pick a crafting guild you"re interested in and when joining, take a look in ~ the collection guilds the video game recommends friend take. Climate look at the crafting guilds those gathering guilds recommend and make your choice.

Or, you know. Just take a look here:

heart Wardens goes finest with Tree Fellers and also Trapper"s Alliance

Radiant Ring goes finest with Stonecutters and Prospector"s Union

merry Potters goes best with Tree Fellers and eco-friendly Thumbs

obtained Taste goes finest with Trapper"s Alliance and green Thumbs

silver- Cauldron goes finest with Herbside Service and also Fish Network

Forgekeepers goes finest with Stonecutters and Prospector"s Union

Earthseers goes ideal with Herbside Service and Fish Network

Some crafting and also gathering guild combinations synergize much better than others. For example, both silver- Cauldron and also Earthseers require Herbside Service and Fish Network the most.

How carry out you gather and also craft?

When you join a collection guild the very first time you are required to conference the lowest tier material right far in Jadestone Village. This is the only time you will certainly be manually gathering that material.

Gathering and crafting in Blade & Soul doesn"t require lot actual task on the component of the player until afterwards when you acquire to a greater rank in your guilds and have to craft more complex items. And even then, the guild collection is tho a mostly automated process.

After you gather a material for the an initial time, you have other guild members gather and deliver them to you via the menu, which deserve to take everywhere from 10 secs to number of hours relying on the article you"re trying to have actually gathered.You have the right to be in two collection guilds and also two crafting guilds at a time.

Press the "L" crucial to open your gathering and also crafting menu to place an order for the an initial time. Each order prices money and awards Guild Points that go towards your rank within the guild. Click "Place Order" and also your item will arrive ~ a predetermined duration of time.


This functions the very same with make guilds, though you need the materials to have your guild acquire busy do what you order.

You must constantly gather an object the first time prior to you deserve to order it. every gatherable material contends least one "Sample Location" under "Order Details" that tells you wherein you have the right to gather that material the an initial time.


Quick and easy receiving and re-ordering

After your orders arrive, you have the right to click the Orders symbol at the bottom the the display screen to quickly and easily obtain the items you"ve ordered and also order lock again if you have actually the products (for crafting).

If you want to stimulate something else, you"ll need to head into the gathering and crafting food selection with the "L" key.

How to leaving a guild

You might decide at the very least one of the guilds you"ve joined just isn"t because that you. Leave is easy. Simply right click the guild tab you want to leave in the gathering and also crafting menu, then click "Leave Guild".


Be warned your Guild Rank will certainly not be retained after you leave a guild. If you decide to take up a job again later, you will certainly be ago to rank 1.

There"s much more to it is in said around gathering and crafting in Blade & Soul than what"s been said here.

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There are an enig crafting recipes you have the right to farm for more valuable craftables and gathering items like water and also quartz is still a manual task like other MMORPGs. You don"t even have come stick 100% to guilds the mesh well with one another. Yet now you have the basics and know what come do and look out for if you want to acquire into gathering and crafting.