I’ve to be enjoying the video game soo much but that performance difficulty really obtained me reasoning to wait it rotates the UE4 climate play the video game again. I have actually a i7 16gb ram, gtx 1060 laptop. Any assist to obtain a stable performance with no fps drops?

UE4 update need to take an ext than a year. I uncovered that other players have actually the biggest performance impact. For this reason hide other characters, hide your pets, hide your effects. Part fps fall will constantly be there though.

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Yeah i don't choose BDO and also not tried that on GeForce now but I don't think SoLo will be resolved until UE4. But blade and soul is the end tomorrow for this reason I'll jump right into that come see exactly how it operation on GeForce now. Hopefully they'll include it back.

The game runs on solitary core so CPU clock speed is important.

That's said, it's typical to have fps drop as soon as there are many people about you. You need to hide players and also even teammates. Minimize other people's impacts (Advanced settings) and especially shadow. Shot lowering other settings as well to check out if that helps.

I have to tune everything possible on minimal to obtain some steady ~30 fps in pvp map or raids. It's man and totally ruins the experience. What's the use of having an excellent looking video game if it's unplayable on those settings for most players also with great specs. Shouldn't it is in something we just accept and also put increase with

Overclock and also make certain your CPU isn't throttled due to high temperature.

Also turn off as countless background applications as possible.

Probably don't try it if you've never done it before.

I very doubt you'll get any kind of real performance increases at all from it, and it's usually simply a ache of device instability for a fairly small get tbh.

It relies on her build and model, simply google it. The necessary thing is the temperature, because overclocking will generate an ext heat. Therefore if her laptop is running very hot, it won't really help.

I make certain to have all other results off, Other human being hidden, and team mates hidden. I have actually a i7-7700k and a 6900xt. Therefore it's for sure the game itself and also not really hardware, back it operation pretty smoothly for me v these settings, I have the right to usually operation other gamings with every little thing on ultra and also be fine.

I would set the presets in the graphic area come "speed" and also for the picture quality ( in the height left click the tiny box ) and collection that to Soft, appears to help.

Also as others have stated, turn off every spell results for other players together well. Anything that would certainly count together you having to check out it - it mirrors ( ie reaper and also summoner AOE heals on the floor, and so on )

I have actually found the mine turbo rise was all the means down and somehow the game works better kicking it increase higher

SOLO is horrifically optimised. I have actually 11900K and 3090 and also GPU utilisation is normally 60%, CPU 30%. I gain stuttering and also FPS drops to 30 etc in cities at 5120x1440 whatever max.

I beat BDO i beg your pardon maxxes out my GPU and I acquire 90-120 FPS at very same settings.

Exactly ns feel you ns in the same situation! the a shame since the looks tremendous on ultra. The Should certainly do other till we have the new engine

I think last time ns heard they claimed UE4 was at least 3 spot cycles out wherein a patch cycle is 6 month each? and also that's because that China....

Idk just how long it'll be until we catch up your patches, or exactly how long it take it TW to record up v China, yet I'd i think if you're yes, really truly wait for UE4 it'll take a bit.

You could upgrade her GPU, but I recognize that isn't an choice for everyone. Through a 3090 running at 3440x1440 I have the right to usually get almost everywhere from 24-90 frames depending on how much stuff is actually on the screen. I imagine if ns was to run at 1080p, ns really probably wouldn't have any issues. If you're stuck to your present GPU and also willing to take it a large hit come quality/embrace the blur, you could try turning the render scale down to 90% or 80% or also further if you're yes, really willing to take the hit. That'll most likely be the biggest an increase to performance you have the right to get because your GPU is physically rendering less and less pixels. I can actually get virtually a 100 FPS in ~ my resolution favor this, yet I'm simply not willing to live v it.

Actually i provided to get over 90 fps somehow but now the game doesn’t run as good. I obtain stable 60 sometimes however the accelerator kills me dude! ok mess about with the settings but all in every it’s not that terrible

I actually tried this yet after testing i didn't notification any appreciable obtain in fps throughout action

i suspect this game was optimised to operation at 60 fps 1080p considering steams hardware survey shows the vast majority of pc players on heavy steam use systems targeting the performance range. Ns personally pat on one older desktop computer i5 8400 6 cores at 2.8 ghz (or 3.8-4GHz solitary core, vital as this video game seems to utilize single core speeds) and also a gtx 980 4gb vram and 16gb device ram. Once I beat i deserve to play on ultra which it defaults also after "investigating" my system, and also still accomplish 50-70 fps at 1080p, ns opt to operation on high settings due to the fact that its it s okay a much more stable 60+ fps. In saying the thats just questing through the world and also not excellent team dungeons, pvp or raids yet.

I've noticed as soon as playing mine cpu gets about 40-50% used at 3.8ghz or therefore (as expected) and also gpu generally utilized at 100% to run at a steady 70-80 levels Celsius (also good, you desire your gpu to it is in 100% used). If her gpu is no being used at 100% climate the cpu is the bottleneck and also since this game only operation on single core performance with most cpus reaching a max the 4-5ghz as the highest solitary and multi core speeds it average it doesnt matter if you space running the recent 11th gen intel at 5ghz all core or one 7th gen i7 7700k at 4.5ghz single core turbo, i beg your pardon is why civilization with really high finish graphics cards are being under utilised, and also a lot older one choose mine deserve to achieve comparable performance.

for civilization running high end cards: yes no point on running on ultra settings, or more than 1080p together your cpu cant feed her gpu quick enough. Because that my own testing even going from ultra to rate pre-sets i got only 13 fps once looking in ~ foliage the dropped mine frames contrasted to looking in ~ the sky or ground. This type of testing means theres not much you deserve to do but if you want to gain fps speed setting seems to it is in the only appreciable way to perform it.

Also its essential to remember the a laptop CPU, also if the numbers seem the same, go NOT have the performance of a desktop computer CPU and thats where you will be fight the hardest in a video game like this.

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Also precious noting a 5th, sixth or 7th gen CPU to run at 4Ghz isnt the exact same as one 8th nine or 10th gen running at the very same speeds, laters gens normally have better performance at very same clock speeds. Seems noticeable bit its straightforward to forget when the number look the same.