The 24-player version of Blackram supply Chain is referred to as the E. Fleet supply Chain, and must be entered directly from the circumstances portal. 24-player execution of dungeons enable multiple groups of players to go into at the exact same time to overcome constantly respawning enemies and also bosses

Blackram supply Chain

Infiltrate the Blackram’s home base and break their grip top top the eastern Continent.

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The Blackram Marauders have been a curse ~ above the Earthen realm for generations, making use of their mastery of the sea to easily terrorize both the Stratus and Talus realms alike. When the southern Continent is the region of the charismatic Captain Gwon, the waters the the eastern Continent offer as the residence base to the east Fleet led by its bombastic Admiral, Hae Mujin. However the Admiral is a man who wanders the seas for his own reasons, regularly leaving behind the fleet in the qualified hands of the solitary most terrifying pirate the world has known.

Despite she youth and also arguably childish nature, vice Admiral Poharan is infamous throughout the Earthen realm as the de facto leader that the Blackram. A bevy of powerful, loyal warriors serve as her generals and also caretakers alike. She idea the cuddly pet is the pair the massive, blood-thirsty Saberfangs—Lily and also Rose—who accompany her wherever she goes. To top it all off, the pint-sized Marauder totes around a disastrous minigun and an effective explosives come wreak havoc on any type of who dare an obstacle her.

As Admiral Hae Mujin’s granddaughter and the overseer of the Blackram it is provided Chain, Poharan stands together the best (yet littlest) threat the region has ever before faced. It’s up to the brave warriors of the land to infiltrate the Blackram’s residence base and break your grip top top the east Continent. Yet many have tried and, so far, all have fallen prior to Poharan’s gleeful assault.

Blackram/E. Fleet supply Chain Bosses

Gatekeeper Slashimi


Chef Tae Jangum


Barracks Officer Mak Sobo


Vice Admiral Poharan


Blackram supply Chain 6-Player (Normal Difficulty)


6-player dungeons room the conventional dungeons that the vast bulk of players will endure through their adventures to reach max level. Castle offer group content that requires a modest lot of coordination and also group composition, and are most typically entered with use the the automated overcome Server Dungeon finder.

In the 6-player variation you’ll see reduced damages from enemies, damages indicators (also described as telegraphs) from opponents indicating wherein they’ll attack, proposal on how to prevent damage, and also you’ll have a timer the will present when to finest execute a effective dodge the end of one attack. Girlfriend can additionally use Dragonblood i beg your pardon is acquired from shrines in the dungeon that will certainly return you to complete health if you were to take enough damage to kill you.

While the overall challenge is well balanced for a complete group of six players, that is feasible to try to tackle it through fewer 보다 that, and also for an equally greater challenge. Rewards friend can get from the 6-player dungeons encompass Soul Shields and also accessories, a chance at chests that contain weapons, and various make materials.

Blackram it is provided Chain 4-Player (Hard Difficulty)

The 4-player variation of a dungeon is the max-level version, and also offers significantly increased difficulty. Not only are adversaries doing much more damage, yet you won’t see any type of attack telegraphs (you’ll must memorize their animations), and you won’t get any capacity suggestions or evade timers. Bosses may also have added abilities or different strike patterns, and increased health and reduced enrage timers (the quantity of time before their damages is raised to soon lethal levels). You likewise won’t have actually the traditional Dragonblood to use to resurrect, back your various other party members can still constantly resurrect you directly (if they’re tho alive). That course because that the considerably increased an obstacle come increased rewards—including the boss’ very own weapon as a drop, and also exclusive outfits and also accessories.

E. Fleet it is provided Chain 24-Player (Easiest Difficulty)

The 24-player variation of Blackram it is provided Chain is referred to as the E. Fleet supply Chain, and also must it is in entered straight from the instance portal. 24-player execution of dungeons enable multiple groups of players to go into at the exact same time to overcome constantly respawning enemies and bosses. Girlfriend can’t usage the overcome Server Dungeon finder to join a 24-player dungeon, and instead will want to look because that others making use of the Party Finder, or for civilization gathering in ~ the enntrance gate to the instance. It all comes under to performance of the teams working together to defeat enemies, therefore joining an reliable group deserve to be exceptionally lucrative. Once an circumstances fills up with 24 players, a new instance is created and any new players entering will be put into the one, and then the following when the one’s full, etc.

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Enemies have normally increased health, and also reduced damage, permitting anyone that enters the capacity to contribute. It’s entirely possible to get in alone and also work with the other players currently in the instance, but it’s usually recommended to get in with a couple of other players, or article a an alert for a team in the Party Finder. Over there are daily quests that will consistently send players into the traditional 6-player dungeon, however a big number of day-to-day quests exist because that the 24-player version, and also they have the right to be terrific sources of experience and also Blade & soul Gold.