Call that Duty is a hit video game play by gamers all about the world. Part CoD players and also Battlefield 3 too with NVIDIA graphic card have experienced sporadic crashes if playing call of Duty: black Ops II. As the current reason of the problem isn’t completely known, the concern has greatly affected GTX580 individuals as is pertained to undervolted CPU cores. Additionally, various other gamers have actually experienced unanticipated crashes in BlackOps, also with everything functioning alright.

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There room several reasons of this issue but for NVIDIA users, we’ll focus on utilizing an MSI utility referred to as Afterburner to rise the core voltage and also we’ll also try reinstalling the graphic drivers. There are loads of additional fixes for BlackOps to obtain the video game running again. Let’s head over to the main article and also get this fixed.

How to gain Blackops3.exe file to Launch?

Method 1: alleviate the main point Voltage

Install the utility and also launch it after installation.Go to Settings and check the Unlock Voltage Control option under the general Tab. Also, permit Start with Windows and also Start Minimise and also then click OKUnlocking the Voltage manage in MSI AfterburnerIn the main Afterburner interface, adjust the Core Voltage come 1100mV(1.1V). You should likewise consider raising the fan speed, as the processor would have actually a little increase in temperature.Select Apply and trying play the 2nd Mission of black color Ops II and also see if the problem stops.

Method 2: Reinstall NVIDIA graphics Drivers

Open the Download ar of the application and launch it. Go through the installation procedure till the installation is completed.Try playing the 2nd Mission of speak to of Duty: black color Ops II and see if the issue stops.

Note: If this doesn’t work, try to roll back your vehicle drivers to an previously date.

Method 3: Verify the Cache

If you usage Steam, you should shot re-verifying the game cache. This will most most likely be successful.

Open the vapor application and go right into your game libraryRight-click the game, in this situation BlackOps and then click on Properties.After this is done, try launching BlackOps again to verify if it functions now.

Method 4: Reinstall the Game

If ~ you confirmed the video game cache and nothing happened, then shot reinstalling the game. You have the right to do this purchase launching the installer which came with the game disc or digital copy, and then adhering to the environment prompts.

Method 5: Activate Developer Mode

This is a deal with from Microsoft. It seems some games may not occupational on home windows 10 until Developer setting is enabled. Here’s how you permit Developer Mode.

Press the Windows + I tricks to open Windows Settings.Restart the computer once it’s checked and then try launching the video game again. It must work this time round.

Method 6: Modify video game Startup Settings

If you’re using a 64-bit OS, note that black Ops II is a 32-bit game and also may have concerns running it. This is what to perform to obtain the video game running in this case. Neglect the shortcut developed by Steam. You deserve to delete it if friend want.

Press the Windows + E tricks to open up Windows Explorer. Dough the following path in the address bar and hit the Enter key: C:Program paper (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCall that Duty black Ops.In the folder, right-click on exe and also click top top Properties.Click top top the Compatibility tab, inspect the “Run this regime in compatibility setting for” box and select windows 7 native the dropdown list.
check run this routine in Compatibility ModeBack to the settings tab, apply the complying with settings and click ~ above OK.Check “Reduced shade mode” and collection it to 16-bitFinally, right-click on the application icon and also select New > desktop Shortcut.Try to run the video game now and it should hopefully run this time.

Method 7: download DirectX End-User Runtimes

Visit the download folder and launch the DirectX 9.0c Redistributable installer with the filename:

directx_Jun2010_redist.exe.Follow the prompts to install and complete the installation.Try launching the game to confirm if the problem has to be solved.

Method 8: general Fixes

If by now none of this fixes have actually worked, then shot any of these additional fixes as they might work because that you.

Try playing multiplayer once. This might create additional files in the video game which have to make the video game work normally.Turn turn off FRAPS. There appears to be part incompatibility betweens black Ops II and also FRAPS, so girlfriend can offer that a try.In the NVIDIA regulate Panel, walk to Program settings > black Ops > Manager 3D Settings and then change the Power monitoring Mode come Prefer best performance.Press Ctrl + change + Del and try closing some background processes from there.Turn off every Antiviruses temporarily because that at the very least 10 minutes.Close the procedure Explorer and also check to watch if the game runs fine.

Method 9: Disabling AVG Temporarily

Many AVG users have been facing this worry with black Ops 3 and also the game fails for them at some point after launching. Therefore, in this step, we will be disabling the Antivirus temporarily yet only because that 5 minutes. Due to the fact that that is apparently the only option the works. In order to execute so:

Launch heavy steam but make sure that you don’t launch black Ops yet.Click on the “Show concealed Icons” button on the bottom right of the screen and also right-click top top the “AVG” icon.Clicking ~ above the “Show covert Icons” buttonSelect the “Disable AVG defense Temporarily” option.In the dropdown menu, choose the “5 Minutes” option and click top top “OK”.Selecting the “5 Minutes” optionCheck to view if the issue persists.If the problem still persists, open AVG antivirus and click on the “Options” button on the top right.From there, pick “Advanced Settings” and then click on “Exceptions”.Select the “Add Exception” button and also select the Exception kind as “Application”.Click on “Browse” and then pick “BlackOps.exe” indigenous the key folder.

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Clicking on the “Browse” optionCheck to watch if the concern persists now.