The brand-new Black Ops 2 transformation DLC comes v a brand-new zombie map and we"re in for a treat with Die Rise. To assist you prepare for more zombies survive we"re walking through some advanced tips top top the city map to help you obtain to those high levels (40+).Note: this tips space for the survival setting in black color Ops 2 Zombies, if you"re interested in Tranzit then head over to our other articles for those tutorials.Before we start, everyone"s had enough time to gain used to zombies yet you"ve all been gaining stuck around level 20 right? Well, take a look at at this tips and also we"ll aid you push into the 30"s and also 40"s.Playing alone is obviously a lot of easier since you deserve to self-revive and also zombies are always going to head in her direction. However, no one lilkes a loner for this reason we"re going come teach you how to work-related together and also still with the high levels.

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Use the knife early

The knife is the best weapon for collecting maximum points. Make certain you transaction the final blow utilizing the knife to ensure 100+ points. On ring 1, you can shoot zombies utilizing the pistol approximately 6 times prior to using the knife. Other automatic tools such as sub device guns are good too.This "primer" hit count rises as the levels progress. Therefore by level 3 you can unload two entire clips from the pistol and then still kill off that zombie v your knife.Tip: The difficulty with this method are her teammates. Part idiot always tries come poach her zombie and ruins your last knife lunge which was going to give you max points. Easy means to avoid this is never ever play v n00bs.

Get a LMG

The beam gun is great but it"s a one shooting wonder and you"re not going to rack increase the points quick enough. The other problem with the beam gun is that is needs two shots to kill zombies in ~ level 20+ which causes problems. Having actually a solitary crawler or two is ok, but when you"re trying to gain zombies lined up for numerous kills those crawlers acquire in your method and can lead to accidental downs.The LMG (preferably the HAMR) is likewise a great weapon come pack-a-punch since of the enormous amount the ammo you acquire afterwards.

Don"t pack-a-punch as well early

Using the pack-a-punch is a given yet when to use it is more important than you think. Wait till at least round 10 is the best way to ensure the firstly you use up your ammo and also secondly the you get maximum points by hitting zombie multiple times.There"s no allude having a high powered gun when you"re no under press otherwise it"s a missed opportunity for much more points.

Hunt because that monkey bombs

Those primates are her number one girlfriend for acquiring to the high levels, without them you"re walk to have no chance. As you probably know, those bombs tempt zombies providing you the chance to run out of trouble and additionally revive your friends.

Line increase the zombies

Starting about level 15, those zombies space going come come in ~ you faster than you can take them the end one by one. Because of this you"re going to need to adopt another strategy - lining lock up. Usage your speed and also know-how to command zombies behind you as you run round the map, best in circles.Use the pathways and corners to make zombies monitor a line of vision - they"re stupid sufficient to go for direct strike rather than sneak ring objects.Once you"ve obtained a decent team of 10 or so, head into a corner where you understand zombies won"t surprised you indigenous behind, and then turn and also unleash as much fire power as friend can.The elegance that this technique method you won"t need to re-aim due to the fact that all the zombies are coming right at you.When it"s time to reload, head off in a perpendicular direction and repeat the process.

Forget the tombstone perk

Probably the worst perk in black Ops2 zombies. The difficulty with the tombstone is that when you die and decide come lay your tombstone you"re leaving the level and also leaving her teammates to end up the job. That"s yes if you"re top top the lower levels but once friend get higher up, you need all football player on the field to stand a chance.

Stick to the dead zone

If you"re not certain what we average by the dead zone, it"s that little corner whereby there space no spawn points for zombies and also no home windows for them to come through. It"s to the right of the pack-a-punch machine if you challenge it head on, head over to the mesh fence opposite the stairs.Get in the corner and also move in circles as zombies come in the direction of you, heat them every up like a little train. Climate it"s a right forward create down machine gun of death as you take out several zombies in one go.

Get perks in this order

It"s no essential however we recommend you shot and obtain perks in this order:Juggernog - take an ext risks as you collect maximum points with the knifeStamin increase - operation for longer allows you to encircle zombie easilyQuick revive - get your team members up again so girlfriend can bring on the fightSpeed Cola - yes sir you"ve surely gained the LMG by currently so quicker reload is going come helpTombstone and double tap have the right to be avoided really.

Switch come semtex

Let"s just admit it, consistent grenades space useless. Lock bounce turn off in the dorn direction, you have to prime castle to stop a lengthy hold-up and they usually miss out on their target and also fall in the lava. Convert to semtex ensures the those bombs are going to stick come zombies. This is especially efficient when zombies room compacted right into tight groups and also you have the right to take out a bunch of castle in one ago.Semtex can be uncovered in the tiny round behind the pack-a-punch machine, in the corner. It"s only $250 - a worthwhile investment right from the start.

Upgrade come Mustang Sally

If you"re clever enough to save your pistol till the later on rounds climate you"re walking to provide yourself the opportunity to pack-a-punch to the Mustang Sally dual wield weapon. This weapon fires explosive bullets the are just as an excellent as grenades with pin point accuracy. Just avoid the splash damages (which is considerable) and take out teams of zombie with just a few bullets.

Avoid solitary fire guns

Ahhh solitary fire guns.. A players worst nightmare! Sniper weapons are the worst the the bunch very closely followed by shotguns. One shot way one opportunity at getting kills and a limited number of points.See among these in package - forget it.

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Leave a crawler

Ever because that first WaW map, leaving a crawler is the most effective an approach for gaining an ext time. Time which deserve to be spent opening the box in search of a better weapon. It likewise gives other players the possibility to pack-a-punch, collect much more perks and rebuild any kind of windows if needed.Best way to leaving a crawler is v a grenade. Just throw it close come the zombie however not directly at it.That"s probably sufficient tips to store you going. Countless if not all of these tips room going to be valuable when it pertains to playing die Rise, the brand-new zombies map included in the DLC.