Some retailers are offering a unique Hero4 silver Bundle, the bundle come with two batteries and also a charging cradle. Together with an SD card, mounting brackets, a waterproof enclosure v two various backs and a two year warranty. The battery pack alone retails for $50 for this reason it’s a pretty good deal overall and offers far-reaching discount end the generally ~$300 camera.

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Yes, this is no the newest GoPro yet the HERO4 is tho an exceptional camera with some of the best video clip quality around.

The charging cradle and extra battery will enable you to conveniently swap out the old one, substantially increasing the lot of time you’ll be able to use your camera between charges.

Of course both this stores need memberships come take advantage of the discount, therefore if girlfriend don’t have actually one currently and don’t recognize anyone who has actually one you can be the end of luck.


You can pick increase a Hero4 silver- on finest buy for $279.99 here

They are also offering discounted bundles v the Hero5 Black and Hero Session here


Walmart is supplying the Hero4 Silver because that $292.00 as component of their “Cyber Week” here


You can buy the bundle in Costco right currently for $249 here  

UPDATE it seems this deal is no longer easily accessible (out of stock)

Sam’s Club

Sam’s club will be providing the GoPro Hero4 silver- for $199 as component of their black Friday Savings top top November 25 you can see much more information about their black color friday deals here

In the UK?

Black Friday deals are not generally as an excellent as their us counterparts, yet at the moment you deserve to pick up a a Hero4 silver- or black with a 22% discount at

There are also a couple good transaction on

Other deals

Tillys has actually up to %50 off on official GoPro accessories.

For also greater to save you have the right to get third party accessories which are usually much cheaper and additionally have a couple of good transaction going on. and are providing some pretty an excellent deals ~ above GoPro Accessory kits as partof their black color friday/ cybermonday rebates. Of food this is only advantageous to those of you who currently have a camera (or managed to obtain one in the previous deals)


YI 4K action Camera, a very good GoPro alternative at a portion of the price

If girlfriend couldn’t get any kind of of the deals, or can’t justification the price of a GoPro, GearBest has a good deal ~ above the terrific YI 4K action Camera our top an option for Cheaper GoPro alternatives.

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We’ll it is in updating this article as brand-new offers come up (and old offers expire), so check earlier to uncover the recent GoPro black friday and also cyber-monday deals.