day 58 in the Bigg ceo 11 house began as days often do in the Bigg ceo house: through a song, and also a fight. Gorier stuff was to follow.


Years from now, our progeny will examine the pop society of our times to see just how their ancestors lived. They"ll come throughout an illustration of Bigg Boss — perfectly archived — shudder a couple of times, and then near the lid on any type of further explorations. At least if the illustration they taken place to come across was the one telecast on the night that Tuesday, 28 November.

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We negative mortals who live in these present times and also archive pop culture for the benefits of posterity as part of our day jobs, carry out not — regrettably — have the luxury of closing the door forever on the Bigg Boss illustration we"ve seen. And so we placed it under here, in the kind of a fast (but hopefully effective) recap.


Gulliver"s Travels, or lord of the Flies? scenes of torture and cruelty from episode 58 that Bigg boss 11

Day 58 in the Bigg boss 11 house starts as days regularly do in the Bigg Boss house: with a song, and a fight. The contestants awaken come the title track of that ever-popular Bollywood gem, "Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan". Shilpa and Arshi squabble due to the fact that the previous — in charge of the kitchen — has bent the rules to enable Bandgi to prepare an extra section of vegetables for herself. Arshi accuses former friend-turned-somewhat-foe Shilpa the favouritism.

Other grumblings that favouritism room being heard — against Bigg ceo Himself — for allowing Vikas to have actually a pair that sunglasses in the house. My! However will Bigg boss live this down?

While such pernicious advances prevail in the house, a luxury budget task is unveiled top top the unsuspecting contestants. They need to enact a scene the end of Gulliver"s Travels. An ext specifically, the one wherein Gulliver will Lilliput. If that isn"t an influenced literary task, we don"t recognize what is. Contestants space designated together Gulliver and Lilliput-ians: The "Gulliver" must be tied down to a bench/bed, if the "Lilliputs" torture him/her right into exiting the task before its designated duration. Vikas and Priyanka space made the supervisors, while the first leg of the job sees Akash, Arshi, Hina and also Luv together the Lilliputs if Shilpa, Puneesh, Bandgi and Hiten are the giants.

Bandgi is the very first to be strapped down. Hina, Arshi, Luv and Akash rub chilli powder end the negative girl and also threaten to reduced off her hair and also shave off her eyebrows. As soon as the chilli powder enters her eyes, Bandgi begins to cry and also exits the task. Vikas splashes water in her eyes, and castigates Hina and Arshi for being cruel, and declares the no chilli powder will be supplied in the task.

But things are about to get gorier.

It"s Shilpa"s turn next. Luv — in defiance that Vikas" instructions — starts to open the seasoned of chilli powder. Once Vikas attempts to snatch the away, few of the flour accidentally beginning Hina"s eyes. Hina endangers to pull out of the task, yet Priyank and Luv to convince her to continue. Arshi and Hina then start by tickling Shilpa, and likewise put chilli flour on her; Akash draws on her challenge with lipstick, however Shilpa pulls v to the end of the task.

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Then, it"s Puneesh"s turn. Akash trims his hair if Luv wax his chest — Puneesh, however, renders it v to the end. The same goes for Hiten, when he is strapped down. Luv and Hina wax his legs, and while that screams aloud, he hangs on till the buzzer goes.

Later, Akash is heard wonder if they too will have to challenge the same brutalities once it"s their rotate to it is in the giants. Vikas remarks that they should have perhaps assumed of this when they to be torturing the others. Hina, gift Hina, gets defensive and also walks the end on Vikas after advertising she and the gang are ready to face any type of cruelty. May we imply that the makers look come Lord of the Flies for inspiration when conceptualising the contestants" following task?

And on the uplifting note, we bid friend adieu. Till the following Bigg boss 11 episode!