I’ve enjoyed firing and also using the Beretta ARX 100 questioned in this report for several weeks and also during that time, have been impressed v the the performance. This no my first Beretta rifle, even ignoring the pistol caliber Storm carbine.

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My favourite Garand rifle is one Italian rifle and also a Beretta. Just U.S. Armed forces Garands bring a collector price, although that is fine. The ARX 100 is a an outcome of the demand for AR-15 kind rifles. The ARX 100 no an AR-15 at all although fits the same industry niche. Beretta wishes to provide the Steyr AUG and the IWI Tavor a run for your money as well.

The ARX 100 is a result of the latest advances in black color Rifle technology. The AR-15 outpaced the M1 carbine and the ARX is design to be a more advanced rifle than the AR-15. Simply the same, together a nod come logistics and practical deployment, the ARX 100 supplies AR-15 magazines and is chambered for the 5.56mm cartridge.


At the moment, Beretta is just trying to accomplish demand. The ARX 100 features a unique architecture that lets you change brass ejection on-demand from appropriate to left. This makes the ARX 100 a truly ambidextrous rifle, with fantastic interchangeability and also ambi options. The selector controls and also the magazine release space ambidextrous units. Over there is also an “emergency” newspaper release. If the magazine relax does not duty correctly, there is an additional release simply in front of the cause guard because that a full of 3 magazine release buttons! The 3rd lever is actually a lock fairly than a button. The is an ext like the AK 47 than the AR-15 form release, while the main release is a nearby copy the the AR-15.

Federal American Eagle environment-friendly Tip

This fill is together close together it gets to the present company load. Breaking 3,050 fps from a 20-inch barrel, this is consistently amongst the most accurate lots for use in the 5.56mm rifle. Federal Cartridge agency is there and accuracy can not be faulted.

Unlike the AR-15, the charging handle on the ARX 100 reciprocates with the bolt. Therefore, the is easy to simply understand the bolt-mounted handle and also give it a tug. To change the ejected cartridge’s route from one side to the other, a bullet nose is put into an opening just to the rear of the receiver. This is a bolt that allows you press the bolt come one side or the various other to manage ejection. There are two extractors and also this cross-bolt activates one or the other. An additional point, there room no dust covers. This may be disputed at length, and it is what it is, and when gift used, cocked and ready for activity the rifle will be open.

The recipient is of contemporary impact-resistant polymer and also features a rail for mounting optics ranging from a red dot to a committed long-range optic. The ARX 100 is likewise supplied with flip-up battle sights. There is nothing revolutionary around these sights; they room credible tools. They appear to be calibrated because that the NATO environment-friendly tip 62-grain load, for this reason this is the pack I used primarily for testing. The front article is the usual rotating post.

The rear vision is familiar to anyone who has actually used one AR-15 battle sight. There is a dial aperture and wheel. The cause is a typical, military-type the does not success over any type of target shooters, yet breaks clean and also does the business. As soon as carrying the rifle, over there are four sling slot for the gave sling. The stock is adjustable for length-of-pull and may it is in folded for easy storage and carry.

The variety firing was uneventful. There were no surprises. The Beretta cruised through 240 rounds of FMJ ammunition without a single failure come feed, chamber fire or eject. The rifle was no lubricated; Beretta claims it will certainly run dry. That did.

The feel is various than the AR-15 and also the polymer receiver take away some obtaining used to. Just the same there room those the felt the recoil to be lighter than AR-15. This might be as result of the absence of the buffer tube shuffling.

The polymer recipient was simpler to cave onto 보다 a sharp-edged quad rail, yet the rifle has actually plenty of rail for mounting equipment. The rifle was tested fired at 50 yards. The boundaries of stole sights made it unwise to attempt a comparison of accuracy at 100 yards.

With the commonwealth American Eagle 62-grain green Tip load, the rifle consistently grouped 3 shots right into less than 2 inches in ~ 50 yards. This is acceptable because that a start, although good optics do a difference. The rifle handle well, is reliable and also seems accurate sufficient for most tasks. The rifle was likewise fired v the federal 55-grain JSP with an excellent results.

In short, the Beretta ARX 100 is an interesting and useful rifle, perfect for an individual defense, target shooting and also hunting as necessary sized game.

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Are you prepared to offer the Beretta ARX a try? Tell us all about it in the comment section.


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