For travel to, from, or in ~ sprawling Bedford-Stuyvesant, provide Yellow Cab NYC a speak to first. That a huge neighborhood, yet our motorists know the area inside and also out. Even if it is you’re off to take it the youngsters to the Brooklyn children Museum because that the day, or girlfriend live top top Myrtle Avenue, our experienced, professional chauffeurs will administer you through the quickest method to acquire you to her Bed-Stuy destination.

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With plenty of street fairs and cultural goings-on all year round, Bedford-Stuyvesant is a hub of activity — every the much more reason to contact us because that a ride, even if it is you’re do the efforts to acquire to the party or home from it. (Don’t worry, also if your street is closed because that an epic all-day block party, our vehicle drivers will understand an alternative route to gain you to her door.) In the community late at night and need a ride earlier to Manhattan? Legends is open twenty-four hrs a day, seven days a week — one of our well-maintained fleets will speedily having you wherever in Bed-Stuy you can be. For residents, remainder assured the Legends Bedford-Stuyvesant auto Service will carry out you with the best possible service, even if it is it’s because that trips come the airport, take trip within your neighborhood, or a ride all over else in Brooklyn and the rest of new York City.



Dustin Smith: hi there.My surname is Dustin Smith, i am right now looking for a project or a internship.I learned at Massachusetts institute of modern technology and have M.Sc. In computer Science and a Ph.D in engineering.Can ns send friend my complete resume and also cover letter?Best regards.Dustin R. Smith.

Frantzy Civil: ns looking to journey for a taxi firm I have actually been act Uber delivery, door dash and also roadie for many, many months now.., some of them because that years and also I recognize my way around NYC and other states.

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Lynda Leo: might I have a check number. Say thanks to you

Kirsty Collins: Reserved car never verified up and also wouldn’t prize phone

Mostafa Ragab: Hi

Roger: Run prefer hell. The taxi never ever showed

Messiah Lee: I need minivan in ~ 202 gold street

Robert Galbo: I offered curd for a ride native 25 west 37th to Hilton Pearl River. Girlfriend confusion through the Curb terminal and also needing to it is in paid directly resulted in me leaving blue backpage in you cab. How can I acquire it ? ns live in Phoenix AZ journey ID: 396032631

Florence Screve Szeles: please cancel any kind of reservation girlfriend may have under my name for 9/9 2:30 afternoon Best

Aloha: how much come airport native jersey city near riverfront?

Fritzie Pierre Louis: exactly how is A Pay receipt Receipt My paper Station Taxi A Rides information ?

Gaurav: i left a bag in a yellow can from JFK to EWR through cab Med#- 6N70. I am in ~ 91-965333-4227

Nam Phan: I want to be driver, what is the expense to rent the car?

Muhammad Rao: I want to purchase Medelion please contact 646-639-5899

Althea Johnson: I need a van I have 6 suitcases

Adrienne Zernich: wait in line because that over one hour at LGA airport. It’s not a holiday and there space literally no taxis. You wonder why every call Uber and also Lyft.